XIAMEN in 12 Hours- Xiamen China Travel Guide + Vlog

XIAMEN in 12 Hours- Xiamen China Travel Guide + Vlog

XIAMEN in 12 Hours- Xiamen China Travel Guide + Vlog

On a 12-hour layover in Xiamen, I planned out an attempt to watch the most interesting parts of the city with the help of a friend of one of my friends in LA. Hope you enjoyed the Vlog

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Flimed with: Galaxy S7, Gopro Hero 5 Black + Removu Gimbal

Just Friends – Don’t Tell Me (THBD Remix)

Nanputuo Temple

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“XIAMEN in 12 Hours- Xiamen China Travel Guide + Vlog” hakkında 17 yorum

  1. Lesa Gonzalez

    Can't wait I am heading in August sounds like on the same layover. I am glad I can venture out some and see the sights. Glad i found this. Question: Did you need a visa since it was a quick layover?

  2. Ashley Affholter

    How long did it take you to drive to Gulangyu Island from the airport? Looking to do the same thing on my layover but I don't have as cool of a tour guide as you😂

  3. hai..saya mau pergi ke jakarta 2 minggu lg naik xiamen dari los angeles ke indonesia..bagus juga ya xiamen..kerennn..jadi dr bandara naik taxi ya..klo saya masih warga negara indonesia..pakai visa ngga masuk xiamen

  4. Melinda DePalma

    Awesome!!! How did you find your awesome tour guide? I have a 12 hour layover too and would love to explore!!

  5. Ahh bro, it's really making me sentimental watching my hometown in your vlog, especially at this late night and alone from the other side of the pacific ocean.

  6. Dude your friend can make some money tour guiding seriously…I will have a 12 hrs layover heading to Jakarta soon. It would be great if someone could take me around for 8 hours at least

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