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WHY YOU NEED TO VISIT FIJI – 7 Day Fiji Islands Travel Guide

WHY YOU NEED TO VISIT FIJI - 7 Day Fiji Islands Travel Guide

WHY YOU NEED TO VISIT FIJI – 7 Day Fiji Islands Travel Guide

Bula!! Join us on our adventure through the beautiful Fiji Islands! These beautiful islands are home to beautiful beaches, lush landscapes, the most happy and friendly locals, incredible marine life for snorkeling and scuba diving, waterfalls, and more. Your Fiji vacation can be as laid back or adventurous as you choose with plenty of activities and luxury resorts to choose from. For our stay we spent time on the main and largest island (Viti Levu), the Mamanuca Islands, and Taveuni (”The Garden Island”)

0:00 Intro
0:58 Flying to Nadi Fiji from LAX
1:25 Viti Levu Intro & Getting Around
1:50 Nadi Fiji Day Guide
5:03 Biausevu Waterfall & Natadola Beach
7:23 Mamanuca island Boat Tour & Port Denarau
9:15 Pacific Harbor Scuba & Maui Palms Beach
11:46 Travel to & First Night in Taveuni
12:52 Snorkeling in Rainbow Reef & Booma Waterfalls
15:13 Kayak to Honeymoon island & Waitavala Waterslide

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Intro & Nadi First Day –
Kanu, Biausevu, & Natadola Beach –
Pacific Harbor & Maui Palms Beach –
Taveuni Travel & first Day –
Taveuni Final Day & Closing –


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“WHY YOU NEED TO VISIT FIJI – 7 Day Fiji Islands Travel Guide” hakkında 38 yorum

  1. Parthiban Manoharan

    Really enjoyed this video and the shots were breathtaking. May I ask what gadgets you used for the underwater photography/videography?

  2. My vacation is almost over for 2months and I’m flying back to Sonoma California, I have enjoyed every moment of my time in this paradise.

  3. Taran Bilaspur ਲਲਾਰੀ 'ਰੂਹ ਦੇ'

    I’m from New Zealand, after watching your video. I also plan to visit 🇫🇯 Fiji ….

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  5. 0:03 That is in Sigatoka, while talking about Fiji and Sigatoka, Sigatoka is just a smaller version of Lautoka. If your looking for a great ride to Suva The Capital of Fiji, Take queens road a smoother road to enjoy your ride. If you want a great view ride to Suva your looking at kings road a fantastic view of Raki Raki a great beach and town, and yes we have bad news the road is not that well developed too. Most ethnic groups are, Indian, Fijian, and I think Aussies or Rotumans a small island around Vitu Levu. But otherwise Fiji is the a great place to rest and have fantastic vacation of lots varieties to stay in Fiji.

    Fiji airways is a great flight to if your looking for a stay In Fiji. Thank you.

  6. Awesome video guys! I'm going to Fiji for the first time in 2 months and have picked up some great inspo from this! Thank you 🙂

  7. Do you homework before Visiting! Not the same as the Good ol Days before the Dems took over! Place is drug Island anymore! Government not doing a Thing! I think few years Fiji will be like Haiti!

  8. Randolph Kersey

    Many people say their dream vacation spot would be Australia. As I lived in Oz for some 20 years, Fiji was my vacation spot of choice. I have been there many times. Always stayed on Denarau Island at one of the resorts, usually the Hilton. Loved riding the Bula buses down to the marina for dinner or to embark on an excursion or island adventure. Have not been there for best part of 10 years. This video brought back many great memories. Fiji got in my soul many years ago.

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