Weeki Wachee | Travel Guide 2021 | Spring Hill Florida | Exploring the Nature Coast | Ep. 5

Weeki Wachee | Travel Guide 2021 | Spring Hill Florida | Exploring the Nature Coast | Ep. 5

Weeki Wachee | Travel Guide 2021 | Spring Hill Florida | Exploring the Nature Coast | Ep. 5

Join us as we spend another day exploring Florida’s Nature Coast. In this video, we’ll be your travel guide as we depart Rogers Park and paddle up (and down) the Weeki Wachee River in Spring Hill Florida. We’ll show you the good and the bad of our day on the Weeki Wachee, as we encounter two manatees, hundreds of (EVIL) yellow flies, and even big foot.

Along the way, we’ll also explain how to access the river via kayak or paddleboard both at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park and Rogers County Park. Stay tuned to the end as we wrap up our day by visiting a great local brewery and explaining how you can best avoid the evil yellow flies.
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00:00 – #1 Intro
01:37 – #2 Arriving at Rogers Park
02:30 – #3 Beginning our Paddle
04:21 – #4 Attack of the Yellow Flies
06:13 – #5 Arrival at the State Park
06:51 – #6 Turning Back
08:20 – #7 Other paddling/kayaking options
10:15 – #8 Tree Jump
11:47 – #9 Manatee Sighting
14:08 – #10 – The Aftermath (Yellow Fly Bites)
14:32 – #11 – Yellow Fly Precautions
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Florida’s Adventure Coast –
Rogers Park –
Weeki Wachee Springs State Park –
Marker 48 Brewery –

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– From the Fall by Dan Lebowitz
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“Weeki Wachee | Travel Guide 2021 | Spring Hill Florida | Exploring the Nature Coast | Ep. 5” hakkında 8 yorum

  1. Kayaking in the Florida Keys I was forced to soak the brim of my hat in OFF. It resulted in a cloud of mosquitoes just inches from my face the whole day. I wonder how effective it is on yellow flies. That trip looks too good to pass up for a few bugs.

  2. The Average Tourist

    Oh no, those flies sounded awful! But the water was beautiful and so clear. It must be so cool to see the manatees in person. I don't think I'd be brave enough to jump from the tree. Or to climb it in the first place 🤣 I got close to the end and was like… but what about the beer!? Lol. The samples looked great 👍

  3. The Map Pinners

    What a beautiful paddling route! Sorry about the flies, that's never fun to deal with. But at least you got to see some manatees! Love the part of Skyler jumping off of the tree. The kid yelling "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" had me laughing 😂

  4. Aquarius Traveller

    I love to hear you guys say the name weeki wachee – sounds so cute.
    The area looks so beautiful and the waters are crystal clear. Good thing you saw the manatee at the beginning ( and the end), but I think the area is so pretty to explore anyway.
    I heard you talking about Yellow flys so many times – I was just about to look up what they were…..Then you gave me that info anyway. I don't think I have heard of them around Australia, but we definitely have the horse flys and hate their bites. Good thing they eased off for you!
    The current was certainly working for you on the return.
    Hey Jamie, Why didn't you do the tree jump ?
    You guys were wearing bug spray but didn't seem to help against the bites – It's hard wearing long clothes on the water – there must be something better to help deter them.

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