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Utah NP Parks Travel Guide- plus Much More for Trip planning

Utah NP Parks Travel Guide- plus Much More for Trip planning

Utah NP Parks Travel Guide- plus Much More for Trip planning

Comprehensive travel guide through the Four Corners area and Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks (not really Zion), Monument Valley, Photo tips, hiking, driving tours and much more. WRITTEN TO HELP YOU PLAN YOUR WESTERN ADVENTURE!


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“Utah NP Parks Travel Guide- plus Much More for Trip planning” hakkında 27 yorum

  1. larryswindcatcher

    I really enjoyed your video of the "magnificent desolation". I would have absolutely hated being stuck in the middle a hundred years ago! What a nighmare that would have been! I live in New Mexico, in the tall Ponderosa pine,but I have no desire to go visit the canyon lands. Your video was enough.

  2. Liza's Food and Travel

    Great video and well describe every location. Looking forward to see this part of the west..Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great videos. Your travel guides are helpful, informative, and entertaining. I would have loved to see a piece on Zion. It truly was my favorite part of the grand circle tour. Some of the hikes there such as Angel's landing and The Narrows are truly one of a kind in this country. Keep up the great work!

  4. I'm a 4×4 guide in Canyonlands. I hate to tell you, but your turnaround point was only 10 minutes at most from Musselman. Definitely check it out next time. Just don't walk on it!!!

  5. Tommy Magnusson

    BeUTAHful 💙 Absolutely awesome great and amazing video thank you for sharing love the great scenery, view and landscape
    Beautiful photos as well

  6. We watched the whole documentary on youtube on our TV and we here for leaving a comment. This is one of the best videos we have seen covering a region. We are from Greater Toronto Area and pretty much anchored on Canadian and the Great Lake states of the USA. This video has introduced us to landscape that we have never visited before. Now we are planning to be here next year, because this year is almost lost to the pandemic. Thank you for making such an educating and informative video on so many national parks, state parks, and national monuments of the US.

  7. So lovely ! I first went to Zion, no trail hiking, cross country backpacking w/ a wilderness class from UC Santa Cruz. We read Thoreau, Edward Abbey, discussed spiritual stuff, feeling our hearts open to ea other and to the sacred land. It was the beginning of my environmental activism. Certainly my conditioned values were changed forever. All thanks to the Red Rock Color Country of S. Utah and my beloved hike leader mentors Gene Rumrill & Vana. HILO HI

  8. Mike's road trip 2017

    You sound like Chief John on the YouTube channel Food Wishes. Go check his channel out and let me know what you think.

  9. I am so glad I visited this area in the 80s and 90s before the crowds got overwhelming. There are still many areas in southern Utah and the rest of the four corners that are worth visiting, but you'll have to find them yourself.

  10. So I honestly have to say that this video is one of the very best travel videos I have ever seen. I've seen a lot of videos. My greatest respect for this informative and visualized video. Absolutely perfect! Thank you for passing on your knowledge to us. I will be able to use it this year. Many thanks from Germany to the great countries!

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