Travel around Mödling Austria travel guide Ep.20 #virtualtour #mödling #austria

Travel around Mödling Austria travel guide Ep.20 #virtualtour #mödling #austria

Travel around Mödling Austria travel guide Ep.20 #virtualtour #mödling #austria

As much as we love to travel due to this current situation we will share to you about , Austria. Join us and take a closer look at Husarentempel and Castle ruins here in Mödling, Austria. We will share to you some of the places that you may like to see in the near future. Hope you all like it. Enjoy watching, comments will be appreciated.

Leila & Remuel here, A couple both filipinos lives in Vienna, Austria. We love to travel around Europe, so we decided to share to you all our travel experiences. We do photoshoot in all kinds of events like weddings, portraits, fashion, landscapes, architecture, travel, etc. We always travel on a budget, it’s easy to do it we plan it in advance and research every country has to offer to make sure we will enjoy. We both often says to ourselves; Everyday is an Adventure…life is fun, enjoy it!!! Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to our channel…God bless you all!!!






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    Stunning!! Loved watching your video – really well put together and we love castle ruins, so its really interesting to see them in Austria 😀 Stay safe!

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