The Unofficial NEW YORK CITY Travel Guide | Jetski's, Sailboats and more| NYC VLOG 2021

The Unofficial NEW YORK CITY Travel Guide  | Jetski's, Sailboats and more| NYC VLOG 2021

The Unofficial NEW YORK CITY Travel Guide | Jetski's, Sailboats and more| NYC VLOG 2021

View the full travel guide on the blog:

For a detailed list of what I wore and links to those pieces, as well as links to all the places we visited and dined at, you MUST view the travel guide on the blog!

If you have questions regarding the trip, please leave them in the comment section below. Also, please let me know if you would like a Q & A Video on Travel/Vacations. Before you submit a question, please watch my recent video on

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“The Unofficial NEW YORK CITY Travel Guide | Jetski's, Sailboats and more| NYC VLOG 2021” hakkında 39 yorum

  1. Beautiful vacation and looking so good in spite of the heat and humidity. I'm from NY and heading home tomorrow. I haven't done many of those excursions and would like to. Blessings, xo

  2. Great vlog, Tracy. By far, one of my favorite video from you. I have to say, being a NYC girl living in the suburbs of Long Island and debating a move to Miami, you made me see NYC in a different light. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with your family, it looks like you guys had a blast. ❤️

  3. Very nice, I don’t like NY this much but you made it so inviting and beautiful I want to visit it now. Well done.

  4. You inspire me to look elegant and put together in any situation! How did you not put on weight with all the food and drink? Was it a matter of getting back on plan when you got home? Thank you for all your work into getting this fabulous footage!

  5. I love love the rooftop pools..and the lighting in hotel looked conducive to getting ready..seems like you all had a great time..NYC is amazing as a tourist.

  6. Loved it! But can you please please tell us how to approach the payment method when its time to pay for food at restaurants and its a mixed party such as family or friends. Its always soo awkward. Is there an easy way to approach it so no one feels uncomfortable?

  7. Thanks so much for taking us along with you. It’s always so much fun to watch!
    Did you get to do any shopping while in Manhattan?

  8. Love love love! I’ve never been to NYC. My husband has been many times playing as a professional musician. He said it was a nice place to visit even a southern boy like him loved it. LOL oh an I loved your white outfit!!! You’re beautiful in every way. God bless from Alabama.

  9. Victoria Briseno

    What a wonderful trip with your family. I've been to NYC once, many years ago with my daughter and we packed so much in 3 shorts days. You visited so many interesting places that I'd love to see one day. Was the water frigid when you went jet skiing? It looked like so much fun. Thank you for the beautiful vlog and sharing your vacation with us. You have a beautiful family.

  10. Thanks for sharing your vacation. What’s funny is we call your bag a mama bag. Cause that bag takes care of the whole family. That’s awesome. You look great and put together especially in all that heat

  11. What a FUN (and informative) video! Great memories! (And your daughter's apt was so cool!). Thank you for sharing every thing! 🙏❤

  12. I recently just went for the first time Ever!!! I’m SHOCKED to have seen what a SHITHOLE New York really is! Trash everywhere, dirty everything terrifying infrastructure! The only nice area was where we were staying which is the “money” part in NewYork!

  13. Dear Tracy, my goodness what a wonderful trip. You and your daughters are all amazingly beautiful and the guys are just as handsome. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation with us it looked like so much fun. Great times~~

  14. Nicole Ramnauth

    Wow tracy you inspire me to rediscover my home town. I grew up in NYC and never did the things you did. Thanks for sharing. Now you have to make a trip to socal!

  15. What a beautiful family you have. Your daughters are gorgeous just like you. The guys are so amicable and cute too. BTW I live mutes away from where you’ve been and yet I haven’t done half of what you did. This vlog was so inspirational for me. Thank you for sharing. ❤️from NJ

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