Takayama, Japan Travel Guide | Places To See in 4K

Takayama, Japan Travel Guide | Places To See in 4K

Takayama, Japan Travel Guide | Places To See in 4K

This video shows some of the highlights of visiting Takayama in Gifu prefecture, Japan. We visited Japan in spring of 2019 and stayed in an Airbnb in the historic district of Takayama for three nights. Compared to the busy cities of Kyoto and Tokyo, Takayama was quiet, much less crowded and rivals other historic cities with its impressive old Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples and beautiful surrounding mountainous nature.

Places we mentioned in this video include:
– Hida folk village (Hida no Sato)
– Shinhotaka ropeway at Okuhida region
– Higashiyama walking course with numerous shrines and temples

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  1. Kristina Blokhin

    Please comment below your questions or comments on Takayama or this video. I have a story to tell about the Higashiyama walking course and our experience there. We walked to the Hakusan shrine in the evening just after sunset. We were the only ones there and after getting close to the building, we heard a screeching, screaming sound coming from an animal in the sky. We saw its silhouette move between the trees but couldn't make out it's shape. This was so creepy so we hurried out of the shrine grounds while the animal was following us screaming. The sound was like a loud, angry a-a-a-a-h. Once we passed the tori gates, the animal was gone. It was like the shrine's guardian telling us to leave. I would like to know somehow from the locals if there is any mythology surrounding the shrine.

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