ST. THOMAS Travel guide 2021 – Travel Tips. Things to do in St. Thomas. Pros and Cons of St. Thomas.

ST. THOMAS Travel guide 2021 – Travel Tips. Things to do in St. Thomas. Pros and Cons of St. Thomas.

ST. THOMAS Travel guide 2021 – Travel Tips. Things to do in St. Thomas. Pros and Cons of St. Thomas.

ST. THOMAS Travel guide 2021– Know before You Go – Travel Tips. Things to do in St. Thomas. Pros and Cons of St. Thomas.

Dear Friends!

Today we are heading to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. US citizens don’t need visa or passport, driver license or state ID is good enough. The flight is 3.5 hours from New York, NY or Newark, NJ. The requirements to enter St. Thomas: 1) Covid test 5 days before departure 2) submit form online on travel portal and receive “green code”. No vaccine required. Coming back to US mainland, no test required.
See all latest updates and requirements here:

ACCOMODATION: There are not too many hotels in St. Thomas, there are mostly guest houses, Airbnb type apartments, and very expensive resorts and villas. For budget or middle class travel, it is challenging to find good accommodation. Best way to rent a room in a guest house ($100-200/night) or Airbnb apartment ($200-300/night). There are a lot of high end resorts and villas starting $500/night and up.

TRANSPORTATION: We took a taxi from the airport to our guesthouse in downtown of St. Thomas – Charlotte Amalie. The price of taxi depends on the distance to the location and the number of people traveling. The price ranges 8-12$ per person on average. So if it is 4 of you, be ready to spend about $40 one way. The same prices apply to traveling to the beach, restaurants, etc.

FOOD: see other videos for restaurant recommendations. The food on St. Thomas is expensive and quality is mediocre and you would expect more for the price. The food in the restaurants is ranging from poor to pretty good.

BEACH: St. Thomas has the most gorgeous beached. Highly recommend to visit Magens Bay Beach (entrance charge – $5 per person) and Coki Beach (free entrance).

PLACES TO VISIT: While in downtown Charlotte Amalie, go up 99 steps and see the gorgeous view from top overlooking the port and beautiful sea view. Visit Blackbeard’s Castle and Fort Christian (if they are open during your trip).

Disclaimer: we are not advertising any of these restaurants or hotels and they were just places we visited during our trip and we are sharing our personal experience. We personally paid for all food, attractions and hotels you may have seen in the video.

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