Silver City New Mexico Travel Guide 2021

Silver City New Mexico Travel Guide 2021

Silver City New Mexico Travel Guide 2021

This is a look at Silver City, New Mexico. You all asked us to go out of the state and film some other states neighboring Arizona. So we decided to start with old Silver City the old stomping grounds of Billy the Kid. This is a Silver City downtown tour where we explore the city center as well as the creek that runs through town.

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Living in Arizona is quite a unique experience because of the vastness that the state offers. From the Sonoran Desert in the south to the high country in the north all the way up towards the Four Corners east and the Grand Canyon in the west. Known as the Grand Canyon state, Arizona is diverse in many ways. The state tree is the Palo Verde, the state cactus is the Saguaro, the state bird is the Cactus wren. If you are thinking about moving to Arizona feel free to subscribe and check us out on our other channels.


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  1. Thanks for featuring Silver City, New Mexico! More highlights of this area: Western New Mexico University campus and museum, dozens of art museums, Gila Cliff Dwellings National monument, Trail of the Mountain Spirits scenic byway, miles of hiking in the Gila National Forest north of town (lots of waterfalls in summer), annual Blues festival, Tour of the Gila bike race every May, several RV parks and hotels for overnight stays.

  2. Jeff did you see how crappy CNBC rated Arizona? Worst place to live in. I was so annoyed. It’s titled Razing Arizona.

  3. Charles Michael

    Nice to vary yourself from AZ. Silver City seems pretty spread out for a town of 10K. I recall about 20 years ago a wave of Californians migrated there to escape that state and drove up home prices. Now, web search says Median home price is in the $200K range plus or minus. A lot of those cheaper houses may be quite old, however. Newer construction may be higher. I suggest Las Cruces, Las Vegas (NM), Carlsbad and Taos as places to put on your channel.

  4. Midwest Heart Travelers Soul

    I was driving from MI to AZ with my Parents in April and my Dad got sick and he ended up admitted to the Gila Regional Hospital there in Silver City. We stayed there for 2 days. Very nice place!

  5. Would have been nice to hear about the food you ate. Maybe a thumbs up or down as far as the food goes. That burger looked really good as well as the salad.

  6. Very nice presentation of one of the smaller towns in NM, that I have called home for more than 40 years – enjoy this great state & don't forget to check out Ruidoso, Cloudcroft & White Sands – you could even wander north to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, Espanola and a few others – enjoy this great state.

  7. I live there and you didn't show the little walnut camp grounds or mention that people can go hiking, camping, ect in the area. Also one can buy home made fudge downtown.
    The population of silver depends partly on how well the minds are doing at the time.
    Note: note everyone stays after high school, most move away and few stay.
    Also the hospital has a bad rep. (Look it up if you dont believe me)
    I could go on and on about this but I think that's good.

  8. You need to get your facts straight! When you say you're just across the border… That's incorrect!!! You simply across state lines! Figures someone from Arizona would think it's in mexico. In which it's not… It's NEW MEXICO it ain't NEW and it ain't MEXICO!!! IF crossing a border is what your looking for you need to head south to MEXICO… then you can make your little video n say you've crossed the BORDER… 🤦🤦🤦 All this should of been learned in elementary school!!! Just saying!!!

  9. If you have school age kids, pick someone else! The schools are garbage! Corruption in all areas is enough to make a New Jersey mob boss blush with envy!

  10. Thank you for sharing your video with us. Sleepy town. Reminds me of staying with my relatives in Northern California. Thank you again.

  11. I lived here ever since I was born, yes its true that it gets pretty cold here, and it gets pretty hot here, we do get a lot of snow, sometimes 6 inches or a bit more, but idk if they told you that silver city had a different name before silver city was named silver city, I can't really remember what it was called before then but how I know this, because I did a freshmen project about Boston hill being a historic mine

  12. Homeboy finally got him a gf to go on trips with him. About time. Got a hot blonde instead of traveling by yourself. Good content tho. Will we see her more of your videos

  13. It's really a shame NM has become over ran by Democratic politics and socialist ideology. NM would be a great state to live in if it weren't for their Govt

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