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Sikkim Travel Guide || Wrong Turn Sikkim

Sikkim Travel Guide || Wrong Turn Sikkim

Sikkim Travel Guide || Wrong Turn Sikkim

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Sikkim Travel Guide

Sikkim :Most Picturesque Destination :
The year 2007 is considered as one of the best period for Sikkim Tourism. And why it won’t be? After all, it was in this year, this gorgeous state was once became a national news after it got caught into the attention of Today’s Traveller – a pioneer magazine for travel and leisure. The opulent natural beauty, scenic appeal and enchanting charm of Sikkim was the sole reason, the state got recognised with the ‘Today’s Traveller Platinum Award’ in 2007.

Emerging Tourism State:
A heart-warming ambience for the tourist was not all an easy feat for the second smallest state of India! In addition to all the beauty and allurement, nature has bestowed upon Sikkim, the kind efforts and encouragement from the local government as well the people were very much required to mark a global presence. As it’s already said in the beginning: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever…”, Sikkim Tourism once again got recognised as the ‘Emerging Tourism State’ in the year 2008, and went ahead of several other destinations in the race of ‘Today’s Traveller Platinum Awards’.

Main Tourist Attractions of Sikkim and Gangtok

After Gangtok, Pelling is the other most visited tourist attraction visited in Sikkim. “The seat of the religious body” a beautiful elucidation of Pelling in Buddhist scriptures, the place itself holds captivating surroundings that can be traversed around in all seasons of the year. The main attraction is Khangchendzonga Festival that offers fun adventure activities like white-water rafting, trekking, mountain biking, traditional sports and bird- watching, or initiate the promotion of traditional crafts and ethnic of the region.

Tsomgo Lake
Most sacred lake in Sikkim region that holds the numerous mythical tales, and it is believed widely that in early days Buddhist monks forecast the future by studying the colour of the water of this lake.Located at an elevation of 12310 ft, this lake is one of the prominent tourist destinations. The Lake itself cover the distance of 1km approximately and offers a cherishing ride on colourfully decorated yaks and mules at a site to the tourists.

Yumthang Valley
An enchanting valley girdled with an innumerable variety of flowers that blossom in the months of late February to June mainly. Uniquely situated at the elevation of 11800 ft with the proximity of Tibet, where the tree line ends. With the surreal and captivating view, the valley is encircled with hot springs as well, where water is naturally is rich in Sulphur and have healing powers.

Located at the height of 8600 feet, a 6-hour drive from Gangtok took to reach this small town of Sikkim. From here, travellers can find and traverse through a plethora of adventure sports, and those who are in seek of peace can explore through unique cultures and traditions of Sikkim here. A prominent Buddhist pilgrimage, celebrate Saga Dawa Festival in the month of June, that signifies the three important events of Lord Buddha’s life, i.e., his birth, enlightenment and death.

Tashi View Point
Close to Gangtok with a distance of 6 km away, is a must visit for nature lovers, for them this place is much more than a treat for the eyes! Spectacular views of grandeur Himalayan mountains and undoubtedly the mesmerising view of Siniolchu peak and Mount Kanchenjunga is impeccably fantastic. You can relish and visit the Labrang Monastery and Phodong Monastery as well from here.

.Wrong Turn Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake
One of the highest lakes in the world, is located an altitude of 17000 ft, is considered to be the sacred lake in Sikkim. Etymology belongs the Guru Padmasambhava, who have visited Tibet through this area. A prominent tourist attraction, for its breathtaking appealing beauty. To attend, Gurudongmar Lake it requires a permit as it located close to the Indo-Tibet border.

One of the charming teeny-weeny towns of Sikkim is located at the height of 10,100 feet. Zuluk carries a small population of around 700-800 people. You cannot find the tranquillity and calmness in any other place, a pure exemplary natural beauty of Zuluk will take anyone’s heart away. To catch the glimpse, visit in the months of August to September when the village blossoms with bright wildflowers.

state. Located at an altitude of 5,500ft, Namchi is a serene and quaint religious site with certain wonderful tourist attractions that Namchi Rock Garden, Char Dham, Namchi Helipad, and Samdruptse Monastery.Tourist generally opts for a day trip to Namchi from Darjeeling.


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