Sedona Arizona Travel Guide 2021

Sedona Arizona Travel Guide 2021

Sedona Arizona Travel Guide 2021

Do you plan to visit Sedona Arizona? In this Sedona travel guide we take you around to several of the galleries and the uptown Sedona area. We also stop by the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Sedona also offers many hikes in the area. We do not actually highlight the hikes in this Sedona travel guide but we do show you through Oak Creek Canyon.

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Living in Arizona is quite a unique experience because of the vastness that the state offers. From the Sonoran Desert in the south to the high country in the north all the way up towards the Four Corners east and the Grand Canyon in the west. Known as the Grand Canyon state, Arizona is diverse in many ways. The state tree is the Palo Verde, the state cactus is the Saguaro, the state bird is the Cactus wren. If you are thinking about moving to Arizona feel free to subscribe and check us out on our other channels.


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  1. When I was in Scottsdale I visited Cosanti and bought a Paolo Soleri bell. Arcosanti is on my bucket list. Been to Sedona several times, too touristy for me, who buys all that "stuff". Did enjoy your tour though.

  2. Nice but, you're polluting the spring water when you take a dip with your dirty stinking body, and now can't drink that water!

  3. Arcosanti is a very early, still somewhat in progress, demonstration of architect Paolo Soleri's philosophy of making man fit nature, not vice versa – much, much more to be said about this. (for the brave, and willing to put in some effort to find a copy – read Arcoloogy – The City in the Image of Man) There are residents, and visiting students. Calling Arcosanti a village is …um… Like calling ASU a town. Frankly, if a visitor doesn't have at least a vague idea of what Arcosanti is, it's probably not a great use of time. For anyone wanting to buy the bells designed by Soleri and his students (and still made), the gift shop is, of course, one of two places, in the Phoenix area, to buy them – Cosanti, in Scottsdale, is the other.
    Sedona – the Pink Jeeps! There's nothing like them in the area! Routes are like ordering Mexican: mild, spicy, or HOT!!. Broken Arrow is the hot, hot, hot choice – don't miss it!

  4. Do you have any info about stargazing in Sedona or in/around Scottsdale area? We are visiting Scottsdale & Sedona later this month and I would LOVE to see the clear night sky filled with stars and the milky way. Hopefully also see some good views through a high powered telescope, but it's very confusing to find a place online that does tours.

  5. The natural beauty in Sedona is unmatched but the town has a super pretentious vibe. The people who go there for the energy are ruining the energy.

  6. This is a wonderfully made video Jeff. I love how you just let us ride along with you through the terrain. Will definitely be taking a little road cruise here.

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