San Antonio Texas Travel Guide 2021

San Antonio Texas Travel Guide 2021

San Antonio Texas Travel Guide 2021

Do you plan to visit San Antonio Texas? If so, this travel guide of San Antonio will assist you in understanding what this city has to offer. We walk around the …


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  1. Aw Jeff! You came back to San Antonio! You sure tugged the tears out of me 🥲 you truly captured my beautiful city and reminded me that I need to get back out downtown! Just like you’ve said in your Arizona videos for those that say they’re bored there-gotta get out there and explore! And we truly have so much to do here. I’m sorry you came out with all this rain we’ve been getting. It’s become Seattle, Tx over here. We haven’t had this much consecutive rain days since the summer of 2007, but you captured some powerful storm clouds. Love the music, the video, and the San Antonio history you shared. Thanks for coming! ⭐️

  2. I was stationed for 2 months at Ft. Sam Houston in 1974 and really liked San Antonio. The river walk is a lot more crowded than I remember. We were actually discouraged from going there and I think it was off limits at night because serviceman were targeted for I don’t remember what. I didn’t feel all that scared though. I was just a poor private so all I could afford was the free areas like the Alamo and tower of America’s.

  3. My city! Definitely a really cool place to visit and has a nice, laid-back atmosphere. That being said, I would love to live in the DFW area or somewhere in the Hill Country.

  4. Tsar Events Russia DMC & PCO

    Thank you for wonderful video! It is really interesting and motivating! Cannot wait when all of us start travel again! Thank you for helping to promote tourism! WOW

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