Reasonably priced apartments in Central Ukraine – Kremenchuk – Travel Guide

Reasonably priced apartments in Central Ukraine - Kremenchuk - Travel Guide

Reasonably priced apartments in Central Ukraine – Kremenchuk – Travel Guide

Kremenchuk or Kremenchug an important industrial city in central Ukraine, stands on the banks of the Dnipro River. The city serves as the administrative centre of the Kremenchuk Raion in Poltava Oblast. As I’m a big fan of Ukraine and trying my best to travel through this magnificent country I’m staying in a number of different types of accommodation while there. This is a short video showing you typical apartments you can rent in the city of Kremenchuk should you ever visit. Click Subscribe to be informed of all future content including a tour of the city of Kremenchuk.

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If you want to stay at either of these apartments here are the links to them so that you may make a reservation
Apartment 1 –
Apartment 2 –

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00:00 – Start
00:07 – Apartment 1
03:19 – Apartment 2

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“Reasonably priced apartments in Central Ukraine – Kremenchuk – Travel Guide” hakkında 12 yorum

  1. The Conscientious Objector

    I haven't been to Ukraine for over five years and I certainly didn't stay in apartments like that. The ones I stayed in were all crumbling or semi-crumbling ex-soviet boxes with noisey plumbing.

  2. Good to see you've made a thorough and speedy recovery, probably was Corona in that case!
    Will be over there in four weeks time myself, can hardly wait. СЛАВА УКРАИНА!

  3. Crossingthemainstream

    ‘Television Rots your brain’ funny my parents used to tell that to my siblings and i growing up and refused to own one despite our protests. To this day I’m so thankful. I must admit I’m the crocodile Dundee of your audience, no idea what that 2nd toilet is but great accomodation for the price, blows London out of the water. I think it cost me 20 pound at least a night in London in 2019 for a smelly old hostel.

  4. Im glad you are feeling better Alex .Is your next vlog going to be from Dnepropetrovsk ( or Dnepro as it is now called) you seem to be heading that way. Keep up these great vlog's you are going to be the next Bald and Bankrupt that's for sure.

  5. Переводчик Саньков

    Nice video! Thank you! How long have you aleready been in Ukraine and how long are you planning to stay yet?

  6. John Snow Kumar

    There are no jobs there, most likely in towns that have these nice apartments. The Soviet era apartments re available to the average visitor. One can get by with just one of the two languages in any interior village:: Ukrainian language and Russian village. In interior Ukraine, some eople claiming to be ethnic Ukrainians often have Russian last names and other people claiming to be ethnic Russians often have Ukrainian last names, and vice versa.

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