One Day in Petrified Forest | A National Park Travel Guide

One Day in Petrified Forest | A National Park Travel Guide

One Day in Petrified Forest | A National Park Travel Guide

Petrified Forest is one of the most accessible National Parks in the United States. Off the side of I-40, visitors will find one of the most unique pieces of geological history, along with incredible desert landscapes.

At the entrance of the park, you’ll find the Painted Desert Rim. Here, you’ll find incredible views of the northern Arizona Desert landscape, known as the Painted Desert. Different hues of badlands stretch as far as the eye can see. Tall buttes and different colors cover this part of the park. Here, you’ll also find the historic Painted Desert Inn, a restored Pueblo style building that one can now visit.

After crossing a part of old Route 66 along with I-40, you’ll arrive in the other side of the park. Here you’ll find the Puerco Pueblo, along with some historic Petroglyphs from Native American history. These are some fascinating historic sites that you should really visit.

The next area of the park is known as the Blue Mesa. This area features incredible badland hills that are colored in purple, blue, and navy hues. Here you’ll also find the blue mesa trail, which takes you through some of the best landscapes in the park. You’ll find incredible views of this unique and alien landscape here.

You’ll also find the actual Petrified Wood as you continue along in this section. These historic logs have been preserved in excess of 200 million years, dating back to when dinosaurs and other creatures ruled the earth. The Petrified Wood has been preserved into a quartz like mineral.

Overall, this is an incredible park that you certainly should visit if you have the time and opportunity to do so.


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