NEW ZEALAND Travel Guide: 2 Days in Auckland | Little Grey Box

NEW ZEALAND Travel Guide: 2 Days in Auckland | Little Grey Box

NEW ZEALAND Travel Guide: 2 Days in Auckland | Little Grey Box

#TravelWell in Auckland with our awesome New Zealand travel guide! In this episode, we check out a few of the best activities, scenic spots and delicious food in central Auckland before heading out to the spectacular coastline of West Auckland. Have you been to Auckland before? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

Where we stayed:
📍 Cordis, Auckland



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  1. Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average

    Rarotonga is open now,maybe a pure white beach with summer weather is next on the cards?. With fresh coconuts and seafood.

  2. New Zealand beautiful country and Auckland has changed a lot since I visited many years ago. for the better of course. as always great vlog well presented, thank you.

  3. Hey Phoebe and Matt, this was awesome! It was great seeing different things to do in and around Auckland. From start to finish….this was so much fun to watch 🤗

  4. Costa's World of Music Memories

    It's on my bucket list. Matt, you rock with the video. Stunning and so inviting. Phoebe , Everytime you take a bite at one those great foodie places. I'm hungry.

  5. I like this video so much. If you don't mind, I would like to ask your permission to share this video to the other website in China for the embarrassing reason that YouTube is blocked from accessing in China. Of course, I will give sources of the original website. Thank you so much😍😍

  6. wanderwiththetrans

    We have been to Auckland a few times but only like stay overnight but never actually explore the city. We did went to the Lion rock beach before headed to Bay of Plenty. We got there super early so there's only us but that was back in 2014. I love your channel, new sub here ❤

  7. 予備校講師 HIRO の英語学習CHANNEL

    Hi. I'm a Japanese. This clip was awesome. Thanks for the tips. That're a bunch of travel video clips. I find myself enjoying this one the best of all, partly because you are so good at communicating. By the way, I watched TV about the Shark Bay in Australia recently, and I found it so magnificent and amazing. I hope you will visit the Shark Bay for a prize trip and create a clip.

  8. Brilliant again guys. I liked seeing the LOTR museum. My town is getting a Game Of Thrones museum in one of the studios it was filmed in. Hopefully it works out as well. That was some stunning scenery you showed us.

  9. Hi Phoebe glad you went to west Auckland the beautiful Waitakere ranges was my back yard for 33 + years and Bethels beach was our closets beach. We have flights booked for October to the Gold Coast all going well.👍

  10. Nice video thanks and timely for our upcoming trip to NZ. A technical question if I may. When we travel overseas including NZ we rely on hotels, cafes and shopping centres for wifi. But in this COVID environment we need data in order to check in to places where wifi may not be available. How did you guys manage this? Did you buy a local SIM card?

  11. Loved this, can’t wait to see more of this trip. So happy that you’ve been able to get back out there and travel again

  12. Hello Phoebe….This video is awesome and the way you presenting with more charming words that so interact us and eager.. keep rocking..

  13. You're such a good host and Matt has such good perspective, just an awesome couple! Loving the NZ series so far…hope to meet you guys someday! Cheers!

  14. Hi phoebe & Matt behind the camera…You both are my Travel Motivation..Specially Matts' s Capturing the Finest & exculsive Shots.

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