NEVER EVER do THIS ❌ at Lagos International Airport | Lagos Travel Guide Ep. 14 | Sassy Funke

NEVER EVER do THIS ❌ at Lagos International Airport | Lagos Travel Guide Ep. 14 | Sassy Funke

NEVER EVER do THIS ❌ at Lagos International Airport | Lagos Travel Guide Ep. 14 | Sassy Funke

NEVER EVER do THIS ❌ at Lagos International Airport | Lagos Travel Guide Ep. 14 | Sassy Funke

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Hello beautiful people, Sassy Funke wrote the PERFECT travel guide for Lagos, Nigeria ( BUT She also knows that there were a lot left unsaid in her guide (that is hard to put into a book) and that is why she has decided to create A NEW VIDEO SERIES titled “Lagos Travel Guide” #TheLagosBible​​​ to give you more value and make your plans to visit Lagos smoother. Knowledge is power and this series is all about KNOWLEDGE.

Every episode will feature 7 things. Todays video is about the 7 THINGS you should never do at Lagos International Airport . Some episodes will also feature guests. I really hope you enjoy this new series. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE 👍and SHARE

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1) Nike Art Gallery: 2 Oba Yekini Elegushi Rd, Lekki Phase I, Lekki
2) Terra Kulture: Plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island
3) Godaif Village: Casa Asmarina, 26B Turnbull Rd, Ikoyi
4) Quintessence: Ikoyi
5) Jazzhole: Ikoyi
6) Roving Heights: Victoria Island (Landmark), Surulere & Abuja
7) Alara Lagos: Victoria Island
8) Fahrenheit Hotel: Victoria Island
9) The Homestores: Victoria Island
10) The Marshmallow by CLAN RTW: Victoria Island
11) Bogobiri: Ikoyi

Thank you to all of you that have bought my book. I look forward to reading your reviews on Amazon.

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“NEVER EVER do THIS ❌ at Lagos International Airport | Lagos Travel Guide Ep. 14 | Sassy Funke” hakkında 29 yorum

  1. Caroline Omileke

    I agreed with all your points especially money changing outside the arrival lounge or on the way to car park . The last time I went to Nigeria I changed money on the way to car park because the guy offered a good rate only to get home and discovered that I was 50k short paid,
    Well done Sassy Funke 👍🏾

  2. Please ma'am I love u your video are Very important to me please can u make a video about the things someone should bring in to Nigeria and things someone should not bring to Nigeria

  3. No good experience travelling through Nigerian Airport.Lots of the government officials needs training in customer service.

  4. Sassy I made it! Backpackers be ware at the airport o. Back in April when I arrive d at Murtala I was wheelchair traveler & the workers to push me through picked pocket my back pack. For a split second I turned my head but luckily after making the loudest chaos in that airport, the wallet was returned back with every penny! My husband made chaos at the entrance & I made it inside cause I called him. Babeee! They will never forget me. 👏🏽👏🏽 I'm black American married to Yoruba & my husband don't play with his wife. Lol!

  5. Everything is wrong about Nigeria. Nothing to be proud of. The airport is poorly lit, dirty and very sub-standard compared to others I have seen outside Nigeria.

  6. Jan 1998, I was at the gate waiting to depart Lagos. To pass time I was watching a video recording of the various activities of my mom for the 7 days we were together. All of a sudden I was seized and detained at the DMI for 3 days. My offense was that I was using a recording device at the airport and it is prohibited. Never mind that it is not posted anywhere and I was not recording anything as they could ascertain for themselves.

  7. richeve richeve

    its really sad this bribery happens and especially at a airport thats another reason people will think twice visiting nigeria

  8. My golden rule has always been anywhere the world I am travelling from-It’s a not a crime to get to the airport early , but it is a crime to get to the airport late. Pls don’t use my quote without payment or permission. 😂😂

  9. Your points are valid except the last cos the Lagos airport toilets are actually well cleaned. Only downer is that the cleaners wait there to offer you toilet roll then expect a tip. Take your own T.roll😁

  10. Points agreed especially for someone who has not been there over 20 years. It is sad when police officers ask for money. I had a terrible experience. I would generally say Nigeria mainland sucks. The VI is good. Hope we get to hear about Abuja. Also when going to Nigeria go with someone in pairs not alone.

  11. When it comes to changing money at the airport, change your foreign currency inside the arrival hall and not outside. Secondly, only change a small amount (say) about $100. They will try to confuse and distract you. In your best interest, stay focused.

  12. Yeah, Sassy what's up? I leave in the U.S, I enjoyed all the 7 points but just wanna talk about point one. Am gonna use here as a case in point, there’s what is called tip, any little help u do for any person they want give u a tip. And some restaurants and shopping mores allow for u to tip their staff. So I think it's wise u get used to giving tips. I know in Naija we misuse it but just do it the right way thanks.

  13. Blessing Akandu

    You are right in all except one. Which is paying money at the airport which is called bribing. Those officers there are too hartless that if you don't drop they are going to make your life miserable at the airport. Even ready to make you lose your flight just because you refuse to pay

  14. augustine ijebome

    Sasy, U are so right about changing money outside the air, those Aboki changing money outside the airport are all scammers.I always change my money inside the airport and I do change over hundred dollars just enough to last me for the day.

  15. It took me 4 hours from the point of entry to board my flight, 30mins late into departure. the problem was trying to check in.

  16. ah as for that pen the guy asked me for a fee after I have finished using his pen bcos he appeared like a dutiful staff, I told him I don't have kobo to give him infact I have a pen better than the one he offered me, he tried to stop me I said if you come close to me I will shout he just waka quick away from me. I honestly have 3 pens in my bag but his approach was great not knowing all na to cash out on me.

  17. Hello sassy pls am traveling to Uganda through Ethiopian airlines. It's my first time traveling out of Nigeria. Pls I would like u to do a video, for connecting flight from adisababa to Uganda. Just want to know what I need to do when I get to adisababa from Lagos and where to go to connect my next flight to Uganda. Pls am traveling on the 3 of August. Pls can u make a video for that before then? Thanks.

  18. F0lashade Gbadebo

    Nice to hear from ypu again Sassy Funke, they ar all well said but d toilet issue 😁😁 is what l cant control. Public toilet to me is better than embarrassing myself. Anyway, keep up d going work.👍

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