Mysterious Voyage Web Event Guide (120 Primogems) – Genshin Impact

Mysterious Voyage Web Event Guide (120 Primogems) - Genshin Impact

Mysterious Voyage Web Event Guide (120 Primogems) – Genshin Impact

Guide for the Mysterious Voyage web event – 120 primogems and other rewards.
Webpage link:

Check out the Boss and F2P Character Guides in my channel.


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“Mysterious Voyage Web Event Guide (120 Primogems) – Genshin Impact” hakkında 47 yorum

  1. Thanks a lot! I alr saw this event earlier, but I don't know where to click… I'm glad you always post this kinds of videos to help us…

  2. Brooke Boukater

    I think I'll start watching u now I suck at genshin- I'm Adventure rank twenty five and only have eight characters 🙂 do most people spend money on wishes by now? Should I? Also i have an odd obsession with debate clubs.. so in short. Im a beginner who's only really here for fun 😀 good luck on any future 10 or 1 pulls to anyone who reads this!! Don't forget your 🐝!!! And your tall ender boy that could have a staring contest with Slenderman 😂 If you get that please reply I just wanna know🥲

  3. Finally an event where I am guaranteed to get the primos. I hate the never ending battle event I can never get 500 score and coop is not allowed. -_-

  4. swhero4mer4jesus

    Can we link an account now or wait until 2.0. Also I can barely read most of the text on my phone it blends in with the background too much

  5. i HATE the quick click minigame, i play on ps4 so i have to take a roundabout way to do web events cause of the moronic qr code crap they insist on using and part of that means doin qr events has to be done on my laptop which is a nightmare for tryin to do any quick time stuff >_<

    also i looked into it and ps4 users linking their account isnt 'really' a thing still, pretty much after the 21st you can using and email linked to a psn account that hasnt played genshin yet from the sounds of it, which is absolutely asinine. if you know a way to do it for people who have played genshin on console please do a video guide on it or somethin cause from what im seein its not a thing

  6. PlayStation can’t link to Mihoyo accounts until v2.0
    There’s some other problems that could prevent you from linking but I won’t get into those rn

  7. when I'm opening the web even
    my cpu and intel gpu is peaked at 100%
    idk if this was a bug in the browser or mihoyo is trying to mine on my PC ,
    does anyone have the same issue??

  8. How do I claim the primogems event rewards? It’s been days but I still haven’t received mine in my mail even though I have 32/40 areas unlocked

  9. Can't play as it says I have to be atleast AR10, I'm on AR 50 with almost 280k out of 27k required for 51 AR lvl, that means I'm above 55 if I play ascension quest.

  10. xXYourLocalChildeSimpXx

    I explored everything and it says head back to the area I started at but I don’t know how to go back

  11. This event was one of the worst ones I have seen in this game for me. Could only barely get the 500 on all but the last one. The final area I never got to 500. This event was not fun.

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