My First Impressions of Poznan Poland 🇵🇱 | Poznan Travel Guide Series

My First Impressions of Poznan Poland 🇵🇱  | Poznan Travel Guide Series

My First Impressions of Poznan Poland 🇵🇱 | Poznan Travel Guide Series

My first impressions of Poznan Poland. In this Poznan Travel Guide Series Some of the most beautiful Poland places or the best places to visit in poland are the cities and towns you least expect. So in this poznan travel guide series we take a deeper look into some of Poland towns and cities close by in this Day Trip Series. Check out poznan imperial castle, and Poznan Royal Castle.

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  1. These crosses commemorate the victims of the communist regime. Communists shot protesters in June 1956. It was the first revolt against communism. Adam Mickiewicz was a poet of the Romantic period. The local university is named after him. University buildings are adjacent to this park. The brick castle is a replica of King Przemysł II's castle(The Museum of Applied Arts is located here ). Poznań was then the capital of Poland. The first rulers of Poland are buried in the Cathedral in Ostrów Tumski: Mieszko I, Bolesław the Brave and Przemysł II. 🙂 Poland was born in this region. The name of this region is Wielkopolska – The Great Poland .

  2. This place is beautiful! Check out James Asquith's youtube channel as he showcased similar content when he flew to Poland. His aviation travel videos are hilarious.

  3. Tsar Events Russia DMC & PCO

    Thank you for wonderful video! It is really interesting and motivating! Cannot wait when all of us start travel again! Thank you for helping to promote tourism! WOW

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