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Los Cabos Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Los Cabos Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Los Cabos Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Los Cabos is a favorite vacation spot for lovers of sea, sun and fun. This travel guide video will take you from the pulsing tempo of Cabos San Lucas to the slow rhythms of San Jose del Cabo.

Check out all the places we visited in this video:

When ready, browse vacation packages to Los Cabos:

A tale of two towns on the very edge of Baja California Sur, #LosCabos is synonymous with relaxation and recreation. But when the team at Expedia made the voyage here, they found more than just a beautiful #vacation destination.

They uncovered new shores, geological monuments, and exciting experiences. They encountered a region with diverse and welcoming people, vibrant art culture, world-class cuisine, and of course, a thrilling nightlife.

For a romantic secluded escape, #explore the arty San Jose del Cabo, a cultural hub bursting with inspiring art, Spanish colonial architecture and sheltered shores.

If you are chasing the fiesta, check in to a hotel in Cabo San Lucas. Every sunset brings a new party to the sands and the streets here, so don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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“Los Cabos Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia” hakkında 44 yorum

  1. The Camaro Couple

    Very safe & beautiful. If you have a chance to go, GO! I went last year with my fiancé and we had the best trip. Going again this year, I can't wait.

  2. I went in December and it was amazing perfect weather I also went to la Paz and todos santos it’s so beautiful

  3. Daisy Arevalo

    Anyone know is this is kinda kid friendly? Looking into going but it seem to be more adultish ?? Input pls

  4. This was truly a beautiful video. I love the art, food, and culture that was shown. I plan to make it there someday. Hopefully in the next two years.

  5. loved cabo! me and my husband went on our 2nd anniversary last year. loved our anniversary dinner at sunset mona lisa. would recommend going to medano beach. does get a little crowded. but gorgeous weather even if you go in December. will definitely go back again to cabo.

  6. Caribbean Travel Guide

    We cruised there and vacationed there 2 other times. The huge marina is a great shopping, dining and tourism district. Land's End and The Arch are just OK. Medano Beach is the place to go for sun and water.

  7. Jeffry Tito Saenz


    May someone PLEASE tell me the name of that restaurant? It looks like such an awesome place to eat while witnessing the sunset!

  8. Th3Vampir3Knight

    Who's here after searching for "the most dangerous cities in the world" on Google? This looks pretty peaceful to be the most dangerous city in the world…… is Google lying to me?


  10. Been there…will return…favorite other world laid back destination (Cabo Wabo)… Will stay downtown next time. Maybe Sammy will attend (lol).

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