Las Vegas Strip at Night 2021 4k HDR – 1 Hour Virtual Walking Tour & Travel Guide

Las Vegas Strip at Night 2021 4k HDR - 1 Hour Virtual Walking Tour & Travel Guide

Las Vegas Strip at Night 2021 4k HDR – 1 Hour Virtual Walking Tour & Travel Guide

Over one hour long Las Vegas Strip at Night 4k HDR Las Vegas walking tour. Perfect for walking on a treadmill or seeing what’s new in Las Vegas 2021. This Las Vegas strip walking tour was filmed late at night around midnight in July 2021 and it was almost 105 degrees outside.

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“Las Vegas Strip at Night 2021 4k HDR – 1 Hour Virtual Walking Tour & Travel Guide” hakkında 33 yorum

  1. Great video Steven! IMO what makes you stand out is that you are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality ( audio and video ) of your excellent content. You actually give a damn about your subs/viewers unlike most YouTubers. Keep up the great work and stay hydrated.

  2. This was awesome! Through you I finally found the Rat Pack plaque when we were there in June, which in the 20 years coming to Vegas – I never knew was there.
    Maybe we can get a William sighting with this camera before he leaves.


    Great video & resolution Steven Really enjoyed it & when you mentioned the New Frontier it brought back memories as i loved the place Not the most glamorous of hotels but i loved it! Thanks Steven Great work as always! 👏👏👏🇮🇪🇺🇲🇮🇪

  4. I thought this was great. I hope you do this more often. I know it might suck for you because you don't get the instant feedback of a live stream, but the footage was perfect and I actually like to listen to you talk, Steven. You are an interesting guy!

  5. Luo diandian | Walking Travel

    Happy Friday, ❤️ Nice to meet you. Use your different perspective. It gave me a great experience. A great virtual trip❤️🤗

  6. I remember when the Linq was just an access alley. The drop off and entrance for the bus lobby was there and the outdoor exit to the Flamingo show room was there too. Just a dark and dingy alley. ( remember this on my first few trips to Vegas 27 yrs ago)

  7. Hi there, thank you for your video. In Oct will be my first-time visits to Vegas. Yes, another video on the other side.

  8. Carlos Santiago

    This was fantastic! Quite informative…and a refreshing break from the "sometimes" not so civil back and forth amongst the fans. Both styles are great…but variety is nice. Good job Steven…good job!

  9. Jodster L Chapman

    Love the video and shared it and thank u…yes what u did on this video love to see more!!! I am a fan of urs 4 Life!!!💌

  10. To Stevie Soups From ObieJuan. This video was one of your best ever. The quality was much better then your live streams. Maybe u could do these and go back to ur studio an do a live chat THERE. It'll make a great presentation vlog to show to Mr Wynn before u interview him about what's happening in his world and what's going on with Wynn West?("THE GREAT WALL OF WYNN") See if somehow U can add the view from The 66th
    Thanks again for all U do as We all enjoy it! ObieJuanKaNoBee

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