Kyoto, Japan Travel Guide | Places To See in 4K

Kyoto, Japan Travel Guide | Places To See in 4K

Kyoto, Japan Travel Guide | Places To See in 4K

This video shows some of the footage we recorded in Kyoto, Japan. We visited Japan in spring of 2019 and stayed in an Airbnb in Shimogyo Ward by the Takase river for about a week. Kyoto is a must visit place to see numerous traditional temples, shrines, beautiful Japanese gardens and nature.

Places we mentioned in this video include:
– Takase river in Shimogyo ward
– Arashiyama bamboo forest
– Osawa-no-Ike pond
– Fushimi Inari-taisha Shinto shrine
– Gion geisha district
– Ponto-cho district
– Some night footage of Osaka

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Video and photography by Kristina and Andriy – BlokhinFilms©.

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  1. Kristina Blokhin

    Please leave a comment below on any questions or thoughts on Kyoto, Japan! There were a few places we didn't include here such as the Nishiki market that we visited and a bunch of tenples we didn't film in.

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