Kurseong Travel Guide || Tour plan || Homestay || Contact details ||

Kurseong Travel Guide || Tour plan || Homestay || Contact details ||

Kurseong Travel Guide || Tour plan || Homestay || Contact details ||

Known for its Heritage, Kurseong is a hugely popular tourist spot. Thronged by tourists mainly during March, April, May and June, Kurseong is a tourists’ delight. Dasai Festival, Makar Sankranti, and Christmas are some of the most popular festivals that happen during the month of (October, January, and December consecutively.

While October, November, December, January and February are considered moderate season, (months) July, August and September are considered off-seasons to visit the place. In peak season, i.e., in March, April, May and June you can expect lower temperatures compared to the heat in the plains and clear skies weather, in the moderate season you will experience chilly winter evenings with snowfall at the peak winter months. In off-season the weather here is heavy rainfall with thunder and lightning.

In terms of activities, tourists enjoy getting indulged in touring the great outdoors and taking in spectacular Himalayan views in the peak season, whereas in moderate season playing in the snow, taking nature walks, conducting photo-ops and exploring the hill station are the frequently enjoyed activities. However, if you are travelling in off-season you can enjoy the raw beauty of nature, lesser crowds and scoring the best deals on shopping.

Hotels & Homestay in Karsiong
Hotel Amarjeet – 9832745678 (charge 2000/-)
Pradhan Guest House – 7908159590 (1200/-)
Aastha Hotel – 9832016720 (1200/-)
LNB hotel – 7479052316 (800/-)
Bashera Hotel – 8509018360
Amairah’s Homestay – 8145728127
Sanjeema Homestay – 8759909225/7602598768/8942818625
Singel Homestay – 9832057237

West Bengal tourism development corporation lodge

Driver’s for sightseeing
Anil Lama : 7479195138
Manohor: 8016259032


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