KASAI RINKAI PARK/ Japan travel guide

KASAI RINKAI PARK/ Japan travel guide

KASAI RINKAI PARK/ Japan travel guide

Title: Kasai Rinkai Park/ Japan travel guide

Kasai Rinkai Park is located by Tokyo Bay in Edogawa, Tokyo. It prides itself being one of the largest grounds in Tokyo at 810,000 square meters. It was established by the city in order to preserve Tokyo Bay’s environment. The park has various facilities, including an aquarium and a bird garden and its very popular among families and couples. It’s also just one station away from Tokyo Disney Resort by JR Keiyo Line. You could spend an entire day at this park and still feel as if you haven’t seen it all. Located in the far eastern corner of Tokyo’s Edogawa ward, Kasai Rinkai Park also know as Kasai Seaside Park covers more than 8,000 square kilometers, making it central Tokyo’s largest, and a playground for adults and children alike.

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