Is South Carolina Worth Visiting? (Travel Guide)

Is South Carolina Worth Visiting? (Travel Guide)

Is South Carolina Worth Visiting? (Travel Guide)

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South Carolina is a state we did not know much about before visiting but we are glad we made the adventure out there! With so much to do and so much to see we put together a little adventure travel guide of what to do in South Carolina including epic trails, turquoise waters, awesome coffee, and ice cream! Not to mention amazing beaches! This is South Carolina!

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  1. I’d recommend FATS near Augusta but the Forrest service has it closed right now due to wet conditions from recent storms.

  2. If your still near the coast, check out Huntington Beach for a castle, beaches, camping and Brookgreen Gardens, all well worth a stop.

    No Mtb trails there, although a dedicated bike path runs north and south from the park.

  3. How do we get the 15% off the Pit Vipers? The link doesn’t work? Solid video by the way as always, have your ridden in South Jersey or Maryland at all? 🤘🏼

  4. Tarps in south are usually put down because of the sandy soil..eventually without tarps the trail wears down into a sand pit.

  5. I've. been trying to apologize from July 4th .I had a house that in eastern NC for yall to knot off some dust but my work messt it up. I'm sorry. Next for shore

  6. SingleTrack CAK

    When you get to Pennsylvania look up the Reading area. There's a large lake called Blue Marsh Lake and also its only about 15 minutes from a great riding area called Mount Penn Preserve Trails. Hope to be able to show you around my area.

  7. When you come to IL, take a look at Route 66 Lake Lou Yeager in Litchfield, IL – not sure when the beach closes for season but the trails are open all year weather permitting:

    I have a playlist documenting the trails:

    Several really good local places to eat in Litchfield like Jubelts: Jubelt's Home (

    Also farther south in IL there is the "other" garden of the gods and all kinds of trails in the Shawnee National Forest:

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