INSIDE Corfu, Greece: The Most BEAUTIFUL Greek Island? (Travel Guide 2021)

INSIDE Corfu, Greece: The Most BEAUTIFUL Greek Island? (Travel Guide 2021)

INSIDE Corfu, Greece: The Most BEAUTIFUL Greek Island? (Travel Guide 2021)

Let’s discover Corfu Island, Greece a gem in the Ionian Sea that deserves more attention in this 2021 Travel Guide! We’ll take you through 5 Can’t Miss Activities, including where to eat, what to do, and where to go. From beaches, to fortresses let’s go on an adventure in Corfu Island, Greece.

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Corfu Island, Greece 2021 Chapter List:
0:00- Intro
0:16- #5 Explore Corfu Town
1:45- #4 Paleokastritsa- Agios Spyridon Beach
3:30- Hotel Tour: Domes Miramare Resort
Book Your Stay:
5:27- #3 Visit Chlomos
6:33- #2 Swim in Canal D’Amour
7:27- #1 Eat at the Village Taverna

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“INSIDE Corfu, Greece: The Most BEAUTIFUL Greek Island? (Travel Guide 2021)” hakkında 40 yorum

  1. That is a great redemption for that hotel. I usually think Hyatt points give you the most bang for the buck, but that's pretty amazing, especially when you can get a Marriot credit card and get 150K points for free

  2. I was there, Kavos, when I was 18. There was an Earthquake, no power and food poisoning. A dirty, unpleasant place. That was my first holiday alone.

    Salutations from Belfast Northern Ireland 🇬🇧

  3. Talk about euphoria! beaches and hotels are to die for, good memories to share with your grandchildren!👍👍🙂

  4. Wow!!!!! Everything looked so beautiful. That hotel & grounds were amazing. Loved looking at the different sights & walkways. What a glorious trip. I'm sure you & Lady A gad a grand time, happy for you.

  5. Thank you for another great video everything looks great there in Italy that you got to visit. Santorini looked great but that area looks even more majestic

  6. Ηλίας Τασιός

    A couple of years ago, I visited New York for the very first time. I never found my self lost in the City thanks to your videos. I can remember my self spending hours watching your content having a great time. It was such a pleasant surprise seeing you in Greece. Hope that you and your wife had had a great time here. Keep up the great work!

  7. So jealous! Corfu has been on my bucket list for a while now- now I know where to eat and stay! Also loved Adriana's workout! LOL

  8. chandler bing bong

    I've been waiting for a Corfu vlog. Nicely shot. 👍 Ipsos Beach is my favourite place on the island. It's not flashy – just really laid back with nice people and an awesome beach. Fingers crossed for 2022 🌞

  9. Could you consider doing a financial breakdown of your time in Greece with a rough schedule? I'll be in NY this fall, but Greece is in my top 5 places for after that.

  10. You Americans have to understand one thing. Greece is not only Mykonos and Santorini. Europeans usually prefer different islands. And there are many of them

  11. In re to Adrianna's cat-like reflexes: I had a friend who had cat-like reflexes. He would randomly jump up off the Lazy-boy and run out of the room for no reason.

  12. That old fortress built in the 6th Century! Wow! That is amazing how far back the history of places go. I love that cat just chilling in the window!

  13. My favourite place to go is Corfu! I stayed in Roda and had two little girls aged 3 (difficult) in our family group and they didn’t want anything off the menu, they wanted sausage and chips 😳🤭. The waiter said it’s not a problem as I tried to convince them that they would like other choices on the menu. The waiter insisted that they would cook them sausage and chips. After everyone eating the basket of fresh bread and getting their main courses, I asked about my daughter and niece’s meals. They said that they would be two minutes, John they had sent someone on a moped to a town near Sidari for sausages for them. That is why I love Corfu, they aren’t just friendly but are genuinely nice people. The’Greek Night’s are always amazing in the taverna’s, by the way I love the shot of Adriana in the pool through the glass, what a cool print that would be! 😉

  14. We took a yellow boat (nyc taxi livery) from the beach at Sidari and headed west, the waters were absolutely crystal clear to the bottom, we dropped anchor and realised that they were thirty feet deep. After 10 minutes their was beach after beach with tall cliffs with absolutely nobody on them (you could only access them by only boat). It was the highlight of our hols, the children could be left to be themselves and enjoy the beach free of other people etc… I always hire a boat now! 🥰

  15. I don’t know whether you know this but the late Prince Phillip, the husband of the Queen of England used to live in Corfu as a child. It’s a small world!

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