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I wanted to paint everything 🖌 watercolor painting in Florence | Italy Vlog 2

I wanted to paint everything 🖌 watercolor painting in Florence | Italy Vlog 2

I wanted to paint everything 🖌 watercolor painting in Florence | Italy Vlog 2

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Urban painting in Florence amongst the most picturesque architecture was incredible! During this short stay in Florence I visited the Galleria dell’Accademia, admired the sunlit
streets, and painted a watercolor sketch at the Piazza San Firenze. I’m really happy with how this painting turned out and the energy it captured. Florence is truly a heaven for artists and I loved seeing the influence of art in every part of the city.

enjoy this art & travel vlog!
~ ashleigh


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“I wanted to paint everything 🖌 watercolor painting in Florence | Italy Vlog 2” hakkında 22 yorum

  1. AHH! Super excited for this vid. It's been my dream to visit Italy one day so I'm living through you💛 thank you for sharing the beautiful artwork and the montage of all the intricate beauties

  2. the rural groom 4th

    Absolutely breathtaking, in each step, in each sketch and lovely brush strokes that you'd seized so well on this trip to Florence to show us viewers. So elegant and grand! Thank You, so much!

  3. Hey again beautiful Ashleigh..tell me how are you really?✨we are so good because this video that u made and touched our souls not just heart….actually u give us this vibe vibe of coldness and relaxing….absolutely u change my mood in this video!❤
    Can u give me a advice about glow up in my art with all this bad times and places…this advice will be so special for me cuze it's come from u (Ashleigh the master!✨ )
    Icant say anything just ilove u so much…stay safe…and keep creating..have all my love from me hamza to u Ashleigh!✨
    Our butterfly!🦋❤✨

  4. I love how expressive your watercolour sketch is ❣ I've visited Italy before and it's refreshing to see the place again through someone else's eyes 🥰 thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a calming video and always wanted to visit there. What watercolor palette are you using? It’s so pigmented and seems to go on the paper so smoothly.

  6. cattleya khumaira

    oh gosh i aspire to be like you
    enjoying every beauty from lots of places
    and being able to capture it into paintings

  7. Artist Siri Kim 시리 김 작가

    WOW It's absolutely amazing in no words, this painting in a vlog video too beautiful! Surely, that's made me inspiring, also give the courage to take on this challenge. I think always thanks for you, so you're always so elegant!! ✨💖

  8. Okay, urban painting on the streets of Florence WOULD be incredible, but for me, just doing the sketch of Michelangelo's David, would've made the entire trip worth it. The ACTUAL David. Not a grab from Google Image, not a 40 year-old photo from some dusty encyclopedia, but the ORIGINAL! I get it was only a quick figure sketch, you were probably done in a few minutes, but you were there . . . in person . . . sketching something Michelangelo carved over 500 years ago!!! You LITERALLY walked in the footsteps of a giant! Oh, and the watercolor was great to. 👏👏👏👏

  9. Another kind of drawing

    انا متابعه لكِ
    اتمنى النجاح و التوفيق لكِ👋🏻💐🌸🇮🇶

  10. what a wonderful video. Italy is such a beautiful country!! Thank you for this vlog, it was really great and your work is absolutely breathtaking!

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