I Never Expected this in Ghana | Accra travel guide with wode maya & Stella shanelly

I Never Expected this in Ghana | Accra travel guide with wode maya & Stella shanelly

I Never Expected this in Ghana | Accra travel guide with wode maya & Stella shanelly

In this video, I toured the city of Accra ghana said to be the most peaceful country in Africa with my Ghanaian friends @WODE MAYA and @Stella Shanelly

from ghana street food to the local markets, the best resort you can visit in Ghana, and the best places to chill not excluding the most expensive and affordable real estate in ghana. Watch till the end and let me know what you think.


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00:00 – intro to ghana
01:17 – Inside Ghana kotoka international aiport
02:22 – my $32 Airbnb apartment in ghana
03:54 – uber man reality living in ghana
06:18 – how safe, peaceful and cheap is ghana with wode maya
09:01 – Black star square
09:46 – shopping in the art and craft market
13:54 – a visit to abri botanical garden
18:45 – eating ghana street food with stella shanelly
20:57 – touring real estate in ghana

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“I Never Expected this in Ghana | Accra travel guide with wode maya & Stella shanelly” hakkında 28 yorum

  1. Heart to Heart with Fabrisca

    High quality videos as usual …Ndukwu always topnotch 👍am looking for to the real estate video cos havent been to Ghana but won't might going there for vacation with family…but let me see the real estates and other videos you have from there.
    Well done 👍👍

  2. Thank you so much for this video.. I'm actually traveling there in a couple of months. I'm definitely going to get a Airbnb instead of a hotel… I see it's much cheaper and you have more freedom.

  3. Great content! Ghana is home to all Africans. Akwaaba. Let’s all help weed out the bad guys so the peaceful ones can live in peace. Let’s make Ghana the most secured African country. See you back again! Accra calling!

  4. Bro Aburi to Accra is just about 10 to 15mins drive cos even Accra to Koforidua the Eastern capital is just 45mins from Accra.
    As an Igbo man I think you missed a great history at aburi .
    Right behind that old tree was the building where the ABURI ACCORD was signed.

  5. Tayo Aina has the best video quality skills on Youtube
    Steven Ndukwu: Hold my palm wine

    omo see quality of this video
    new subscriber here

  6. Ghana is so beautiful! You should check out James Asquith's aviation travel channel as he showcased similar content when he tried Ghana Airlines. His videos are hiilarious.

  7. He forgot to mention the "akwaaba" at the airport. Thats what everyone mentions as soon as they get out of the arrival.

  8. As a Nigerian in diaspora, Africa is very dear to my heart. Very dear to my heart is my home country Nigeria even with all her problems. After Nigeria, no other country in Africa is as dear to my heart as Ghana, followed by Benin Republic and Togo. Ghana, because let's face it, no matter how Nigerians and Ghanaians bicker, Ghana and Nigeria are sister countries.
    Benin Republic and Togo because there are Hausa, Fulani and Yoruba peoples indigenous also to those two countries.

    I am so very proud of Ghana as a West African country. The safety level, organization, peacefulness, orderliness, cleanliness that is oftentimes missing in Nigeria is amazing. Fellow Nigerians, please understand I am not dissing Nigeria. There are certain areas where Nigeria will outshine Ghana. But let us give kudos to where it is due. I may be wrong here, but I think that Ghana is miles ahead of Nigeria in the liveability/livability index. The thought of living in Nigeria scares the s.h.i.t out of me. But I can see myself living in Ghana with minimal adjustment.

    Well done, Steven! Great video as always.

  9. Thanks Steven ! As an african american your videos are always very informative and creative to me. Hopefully, soon i will be traveling and exploring the Continent.

  10. Chris Oghenetega Maloney

    Ghana from Accra to Kumasi is flood no drainage bad roads to galamsey so what are talking about, the dead government in the country??

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