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I Burnt My EYEBALLS! Dolomites, Worlds Most Beautiful Mountain | Italy Travel Guide

I Burnt My EYEBALLS! Dolomites, Worlds Most Beautiful Mountain | Italy Travel Guide

I Burnt My EYEBALLS! Dolomites, Worlds Most Beautiful Mountain | Italy Travel Guide

I Burnt My EYEBALLS! Dolomites, Worlds Most Beautiful Mountain Range + Rainbow Lake + Gardena Pass| Italy Travel Guide

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This Italy Travel Guide we show the Dolomites in the Italian Alps (South Tyrol). Truly the most beautiful mountain range we have ever seen. This Italy video we show why you must visit Italy and the dolomites in general. We take the gondola/cable car to visit Seceda from Ortisei and visit the rainbow lake Karersee (Lago di Carezza).

On the way to our hotel, we drove the Gardena Pass. One of the most beautiful roads we have ever driven on. Don’t miss the chance for one of the best road trips in Europe. It turned out that we found the bargain of the century for our accommodation. Unfortunately, the deal we found was only available for a short time but using the method in this video, you will be able to find cheap deals of your own. If you want to try your luck with the place we stayed, it was called Casa Alpina Sant’apollinare.

To top it all off, Emma burnt her eyes on the top of the mountain in Seceda. Word of warning to you…the sun is bright up there!

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“I Burnt My EYEBALLS! Dolomites, Worlds Most Beautiful Mountain | Italy Travel Guide” hakkında 29 yorum

  1. Hollywood would not came here in the Dolomites to make movies if we would not have the most beautiful mountains in the world.
    One thing more. You can walk the Dolomites and if during your vacation you want to see something completely different… In maximum 3 hours by car, it doesn't matter where in the Dolomites you are, you reachVenice, Verona, Lignano, Riccione (forse no!). In some way that s the best place where to live.
    From some mountain peaks, on clear days, you can see the lagoon of Venice.

  2. Henning Bartels

    Dolomites are beautiful. I recommend spending more time and go hiking from chalet to chalet.

    Once in Florida I went snorkelling and burned my knee pits. Autsch! I wore a shirt, shorts and sunblocker, though I did not think about my legs and when you snorkel that your knee pits face up and are constantly exposed to the sun.

  3. Hi I'm from south tyrol and I'm happy that you liked it here, if you come back I raccomend you to visit the rosengarten witch you saw form distance, the tre cime di lavaredo and the Ortler mountain

  4. Nathan Runggaldier

    Nice video. I have only one negative thing about it. I am from Ortisei and I just can say that you only visited tourist attractions. Next time maybe ask the locals for the best places around the area. There are certainly a few which are just as if even more beautiful but hidden

  5. You can basically find any kind of climate in Italy,from humid subtropical to dry mediterrean to alpine climate,although very thin Italy stretches from central europe to lampedusa island which is located geographically below tunisia's capital. Like i always say to my foreign friends,the best places in Italy are the one's you dont know about.

  6. Davide Falangetto

    The dolomites lay 46% of their territory in Veneto the region with Venice its capital city, 12,2% in Trento known as Italian Tyrol, an Italian region put under Austrian occupation for 500 years, 24,6% in Bolzano Sud Tyrol but mostly under Ladin communities (language similar to Northern Italian dialects, no german speaking municipalieties), 13,3% in Pordenone and 3,9% in Udine in Friuli, the region inhabitated by the brother people of Ladini people and Romansch (the fourth linguistic group of Switzerland). There is almost nothing of the Dolomites under the german speaking population

  7. I love how everyone is saying how big and beautiful the mountains are and I (I’m from southern Switzerland) just think it looks like home.(but a bit dirtier)

  8. 5:00 it's called "Sellastock/Sellagruppe" or "Sass Pordoi" (I don't know if there is a word in English) with the Piz Boé as the highest point (3152m). It was my first time on a 3000 but you must have experiences in hiking/mountaineering to go there…
    And no, for me the dolomites are the most beautyful mountains in the universe

  9. Lol Mountains are not the first thing when you think about Italy? The mountains are everywhere from north to south and Italy embrace ALL the Alpine arch from west to east

  10. Swiss alps are the best ,
    I am italian the swiis alpine landscape is oustanding no glacier in dolomite Nottingham like q
    Zermatt and aletchglecer

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