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How to travel Colombia: 10 Colombia Travel Tips (Colombia Travel Guide)

How to travel Colombia: 10 Colombia Travel Tips (Colombia Travel Guide)

How to travel Colombia: 10 Colombia Travel Tips (Colombia Travel Guide)

I show you how to plan your Colombia trip by giving you some very useful colombia travel tips after traveling the country for 6 weeks in this Colombia travel guide.
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In the last episode from Exploring Colombia I sat down after my 6 week lasting trip to talk about my trip and to give you some useful Colombia travel tips in order to plan your own road trip with this video and my related Colombia travel guide.

Beside general travel information I focus on tips on how to get around in Colombia and give recommendations for routes. I also speak about safety, the prices in Colombia, the best time to visit and accommodation options.

Colombia Travel Tips featured in this Colombia Travel Guide video:
00:25 – my trip & route
01:26 – best time to visit & times to avoid
03:03 – how to get around
05:01 – routes & itineraries
07:13 – budget & prices in Colombia
08:43 – Colombian cuisine & Drinks
10:48 – is Colombia safe to visit?
11:58 – What to pack
12:47 – Accommodation

— About Exploring Colombia —
Colombia, a country which many only know because of it’s violent past, has been on my list since I went to South America for my first long-term trip in 2012. 6 Years later and with 5 weeks to spend it was finally time to properly explore my country number 9 on the continent.
For the first part of the trip I’ll be traveling with my mate David to the historical city of Cartagena, some picturesque Carribean islands and to the city of Medellin where we get to learn about the violent past and the transformation of the country. After a few days in the capital Bogota I’ll be joined by my good friend Stefan to learn salsa and take on some outdoor adventures in Cali before heading up to Santa Marta where we checkout the most beautiful beaches, float down rivers and hike through the mountains.

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“How to travel Colombia: 10 Colombia Travel Tips (Colombia Travel Guide)” hakkında 21 yorum

  1. Hey you missed the coffee region. 🙁 P.S If you are going to travel long distance by bus I recommended that you take Mareol (motion sickness pills) as some roads have a lot of curves.

  2. Good explanatory and very informative videos .- Any tourist looking for places to go within Colombia ,will find these videos very pleasant and excellently researched.,Thanks to Steve…, you are a good guide and posess a good eye and mind.- Fabio

  3. Eternal Summer Rising - Traveling Techies

    We were in Medellin last year and we like it there. We are planning to come back probably this year. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Hello, we spend 4 weeks in Colombia and this was our route: Guatape incl. Piedra del Penol – Medellin incl. Santa Fe de Antioquia – Salento incl. Valle de Cocora – Pereira – Bogota – Neiva incl. Desierto de Tatacoa – Villa de Leyva – Barichara – Bucaramanga – Isla de Baru – Cartagena. For this route we booked about 7 months ahead following flights: Pereira-Bogota / Bogota-Neiva-Bogota / Bucaramanga-Cartagena. The rest we did by bus. Colombia is a REALLY, REALLY BEAUTIFUL country, if not the MOST BEAUTIFUL in the world. (Compared with 136 other countries)

  5. unvascorriendo

    Very good set of tips, I'm from Colombia and I think you nailed it. I only add that use precaution when using your electronic devices in public.

  6. As a celiac gluten free diet is essential for me. That's going to be a problem for me when i go to restaurants. I heard that Colombians have a lack of awareness on the subject.

  7. Bambie Castillo

    hi.. Steve, I'm watching all your blog in colombia.. really informative.. I would like to ask if it's safe to roaming around or travel solo woman..is it safe for public transport and roaming around in the city by yourself mostly for woman? regarding for transport is it easy and convenient?

  8. Such an informative video! I woke up today wanting to visit Colombia after watching a Colombian series (I know right 🙄lol). After this coronavirus thing ends (if it ever does) I'm booking a flight! I'm already planning beforehand 😁😁😁😁

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