Greece Travel Guide – Off the Beaten path | North, South, East, and West, WITH ISLANDS!

Greece Travel Guide - Off the Beaten path | North, South, East, and West, WITH ISLANDS!

Greece Travel Guide – Off the Beaten path | North, South, East, and West, WITH ISLANDS!

In this Travel Guide to Greece we aim to inspire you and whet your appetite for some of Greeces most interesting and exciting destinations. We try to get off the beaten path Greece, and endeavour to provide tips and advice on where to go, how much it costs and how to get the most from your own trip to Greece.

We spent 5 weeks travelling Greece last year, and John has made over 20 trips to the country, (it’s one of his favourites), This video brings together years of experience and squeezes in the highlights from last years trip. We include information about Athens, how to drive there and what to see, costs and other handy tips. Delphi, and the Corinth Canal. The Peloponnese is included, with information about what to see and do there, (excellent van life destination). We also cover the North of Greece and finally we head to two islands to compare which we enjoyed the most. Santorini or Naxos,

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Our goal is to inspire you, to prove that anything is possible, that dreams do come true. We hope to create a supportive community of people who share their own dreams with us and each other.

Because we believe that lines across a map are more important than numbers in the bank.

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“Greece Travel Guide – Off the Beaten path | North, South, East, and West, WITH ISLANDS!” hakkında 13 yorum

  1. You’re making me to put more pins in Greece now! I love that you are taking time to share your special places with us 😊 I am learning so much from you about travelling 😊 hope you’re enjoying Wales 🤗 see you next week!

  2. What a lovely guide to Greece you guys. Currently experiencing (another) Covid lockdown in Melbourne and seeing your guide does my soul much good. Still amazed though at how a pregnant Tara hiked to the top of Mt Zas on Naxos. After that extraordinary effort, she did indeed earn the right to dismiss ‘Zeus’ as baby’s name. Young Crusoe, never forget your supermum dodged you a big, bronze bullet right there!

  3. Natalie Simpson

    Hi 👋 dave and I just wanted to let you both know that your videos just get better and better , you are so natural and professional so a massive well done to you and of course Crusoe for doing his share in the video too , he is growing so fast and becoming quite the star bless him , have fun and we will catch you on the next video 🥰

  4. 3 weeks ago my wife and I stumbled across your videos for the NC500 whilst researching a potential trip, since then we’ve gone back and watched every single video you’ve made and the incredible journey you’ve both been on, we’ve sat every evening in bed glued to the TV to see what happens next… having binge watched the last year of your lives can we just say. What a lovely genuine couple you both are, such a good way in which to view life, such positivity about everything and such love for each other, it’s been an absolute pleasure to feel like we’ve been there with you along the way, and share in some of your most personal moments. Then when young Crusoe arrived and happens to have the same birthday as my wife we were made up for you. We’re not on social media which is a shame as we have so many questions. Your focus on enjoying every minute has been very inspiring and we’ve added new words to our vocabulary too, with John’s “Narly”. If you’re ever in the Birmingham area please let us know, we’d love to buy you dinner.. stay safe, take care of your wonderful little family and keep the videos coming, we can’t wait to see where the next adventure is..
    Jon and Melissa

  5. Dear John, Tara and Crusoe
    Greece! What a great guide. Your best advise for Acropolis is to be the FIRST in line when tickets open at 8:00am, same as many of your other site visits arriving super early at sunrise! My visits to Acropolis in the past were sadly at the peak of a hundred tourist buses with shoulder-to-shoulder people crammed into the site. No fun at all, especially trying to photograph the ruins.

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics….Indeed good luck to your cousin Nicole with the South African Hockey team – as a fellow South African she has my support!

    The hidden gems of The Peloponnese beckons for a future visit with my family, especially that remote monastery.
    I have visited Santorini many times, arriving by cruise ship (with so many passengers). After seeing your video, another trip is due to Greece, overland with plenty time!
    Greetings from Otto in Santiago

  6. Jane Hutchinson

    Hi guys, sorry I’m late commenting, just been to Yorkshire Dales for short break with no signal. Thought I would be seeing Wales this week. As I have been watching you for sometime now, I have seen some of your Greece travels before but oh my goodness it was certainly worth another watch. Forgot how spectacular it was and how lucky we are to have people like you sharing your wonderful travels. See you Sunday😀

  7. Another great video>>>>>>that makes me want to go>>>>maybe one day>>>>>>really enjoyed watching this as I never new to much about Greece but do now>>>>😊>>>>>can’t wait till the next one>>>>take care>>>👍👍👍

  8. John and Cara Retired Travellers

    New subscribers here! Found you from Jits into the sunset. SO excited about this video! We love love Greece, we’ve been serval times. Our last trip we got out of Athens stayed in Loutriaki and visited Corinth. We cannot wait to return and explore more of the Peloponnese Region! So looking forward to watching your channel! ~Cara 😊

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