Gojal valley (Hunza) travel guide | Urdu and Hindi

Gojal valley (Hunza) travel guide | Urdu and Hindi

Gojal valley (Hunza) travel guide | Urdu and Hindi

Gojal valley (Hunza) travel guide
To the northwest of Gojal is the area of ​​Chaporsan, which borders directly to the Wakhan region of Afghanistan. The Wakhan region is two miles wide, after which the Tajik border begins. The Gojal Valley is of great importance in terms of defense and trade due to its geographical features.
Gojal Valley was part of Hunza State before the administrative history and arrangement. Gojal Valley was important in Hunza State in terms of defense and agriculture. In addition to announcing the verdicts of the cases, various issues were also discussed in the court of the Mir of Hunza. Regional dance and music were also arranged in the court of the Mir. The famous game of polo was also played.
Phuso Valley is a famous tourist destination of Gojal. Pakistan’s second longest glacier Batura Glacier is located in Phusu. This glacier is 56 km long and is considered to be the largest glacier in Pakistan after Siachen. Phusu has its own gardens, fruits and natural beauty. Is famous all over the world because of
Borit (Passion) Gojal Valley is an important village in Gilgit-Baltistan. Borit is a famous tourist destination with a beautiful and large lake in which birds from Central Asia and Siberia land during the winter. To the north are two large glaciers that irrigate the village.
The road that connects all these tourist destinations is known as Gojal Road. This road passes through Gul Mat village and will take you to all the tourist destinations. There are many beautiful landscapes, fresh breezes and high mountains as you pass by.
The Gojal Valley is the largest tehsil of Gilgit-Baltistan in terms of area. Rich in the area is the Chaporson Valley, where the abundance of coal was discovered a few years ago.
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