GAY COPENHAGEN GUIDE: An LGBTQ+ Travel Guide to København, Denmark

GAY COPENHAGEN GUIDE: An LGBTQ+ Travel Guide to København, Denmark

GAY COPENHAGEN GUIDE: An LGBTQ+ Travel Guide to København, Denmark

GAY COPENHAGEN GUIDE: An LGBTQ+ Travel Guide to København, Denmark
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This video is our complete guide to every Copenhagen gay bar, cafe, nightclub, cruising spot, sauna, and more. These queer spaces are the backbone of Copenhagen’s LGBTQ+ community and must-visit stops for any gay travelers in Denmark.

We travel around the city of Copenhagen and show you each gay bar: Masken Bar, Kiss Kiss, and Centralhjørnet. With a special interview from Mads, one of the managers at Masken Bar.

We make a visit to Copenhagen City Hall and pay homage to the historic importance of the building in LGBTQ+ history and its role in Copenhagen Pride.

Then we stop at the gay theme bars like Jailhouse CPH, Men’s Bar, and Vela with another great interview from Niels at Jailhouse CPH.

Of course we can’t skip the fun topic of where to go cruising in gay Copenhagen. We talk about the sauna, Amigo and SLM (Scandinavian Leather Men) as well as Body Bio and the cruising in Ørstedsparken.

Next, we head to the nightclubs and discuss G*A*Y, Nevermind, Jolene, and Cosy Bar.

Then, we get into the queer-owned and managed food spaces in Copenhagen like Oscar Bar and Cafe – which is also a fantastic place for drinks. We also talk about Kafe Knud and Next Door Cafe including an interview with Skyler, the owner of Next Door Cafe.

We offer some great boutique hotel options to host your Gay Copenhagen trip including:



0:00 – Intro
0:45 – LGBTQ+ Bars
0:49 – Masken Bar
4:02 – Kiss Kiss
4:41 – Centralhjørnet
5:39 – City Hall
6:32 – LGBTQ+ Theme Bars
6:36 – Jailhouse CPH
9:31 – Men’s Bar
10:23 – Vela
10:32 – Cruising & More
10:37 – Amigo Sauna
11:11 – SLM
11:28 – Body Bio
11:36 – Ørstedsparken
12:19 – LGBTQ+ Nightclubs
12:24 – G*A*Y
13:18 – Jolene
13:29 – Nevermind
14:38 – Cosy Bar
15:32 – LGBTQ+ Food Spots
15:36 – Next Door Cafe
16:38 – Oscar Bar & Cafe
17:39 – Kafe Knud
18:06 – LGBTQ+ Hotels & More
19:17 – Outro


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“GAY COPENHAGEN GUIDE: An LGBTQ+ Travel Guide to København, Denmark” hakkında 28 yorum

  1. What was the reason why you 've decided to move to denmark e.g copenhagen ?? Your content is very special and insteresting though ))).

  2. Erin in Copenhagen

    Wow this is so comprehensive, well done! I can see how much work you put into it 😊 Are you guys going to Pride this year? 🏳️‍🌈

  3. I can also recommend Warehouse 9, which is a queer positive art and performance space. The owners are lovely and every body is welcome. It's a very safe space to get your culture on! ♥️

  4. Stumbled across the channel a few days ago… Love what you guys do, and as a native, it has been fun to explore what we might take for granted 😊

  5. Amazing guide you two! You came across a couple of my previous absolute go to late night dance spots! ❤️🌈🕺🏾

  6. Love the video. On the toppic of gay Copenhagen; do you guys plan on making any videos at the Worldpride (Copehahen2021)?

  7. Marie-louise Koch-Thomsen

    Amazing video! Looking forward to world pride! I have a transgender friend and its always been a pleasure to walk with him in the pride 😃

  8. So nice to see all the places again, I have not been out since August last year and miss the gay scene in Copenhagen, I live about 50 minutes away in train which is also why i have not been out due to the pandemic not allowing the bars to be open longer than midnight… i love partying all night so being asked to leave at 24:00 while the night is still young sucks.. at least now they are open until 02:00 and hopefully soon back to normal. Great video as always ❤️🏳️‍🌈

  9. Lol, me and my friends, both girls and boys, used to go to cosy bar often during the later night time hours, we are not gay, but that place was lit, and had cheap drinks.

    Back in the day, during my high school years 2005-08, there used to be a massive club called PAN Club, it was 3 stories, and was a gay bar – I used to be a bit of a player, had a lot of female “friends” and when they wanted to be not hit on, we would go there to party.

    It was on a side street off of Strøget, don’t know what it is today – First time a guy ever hit on me was there, so while my lady friends were left alone, I was cat called like crazy 😂 I used to be a good looking metrosexual guy – Full on dad bod today tho 😅

  10. Wow there's a LOT of lgbtq+ bars and places in Copenhagen 🙂

    Only one I knew is Centralhjørnet 🙂 a lot of my colleagues go there 🙂

  11. Anders Juel Jensen

    Nice tour! Would like to visit SLM myself, as I lean heavily to the leather side of things, but alas, they're outspokenly only for gay and bi men, so I certainly don't want to be that guy who puts personal curiosity over other peoples need for privacy and coherency. While inclusivity is principally a good thing there is, also principally, a time and a place for everything.

  12. The Minustarian.

    I think you’ve mentioned more than a few places that my friends and I will be visiting. Hopefully I can drag them to Copenhagen for Pride 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 Thanks guys for the tour.

  13. checking Grindr to find hunky Rick . Actually I was at a few bars last night and the only thing I didn’t like was the smoking inside at some of them. Pretty gross but other than that the bars were good and Danes are in general super sweet to you if you’re new in town and don’t speak the language yet . Also gays in Copenhagen are fucking hot! Like seriously it’s like a meat buffet here 😆

  14. Søren Markvard Riis

    I love that you mention Kafé Knud. It's perhaps not for tourists, but it's a great little place that does great community work.

  15. First, i really like your channel, fun to see how other people see us.
    I got alot of gay friends, they offen ask me why there are so few gaybars in denmark.
    I just tell them we dont need then, since they are welcome most places.

  16. aha! the secret about jailhouse is out! .. i always thought it was a fetich place when walking by… so now i knooow its not 😉

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