Dancer's TRAVEL GUIDE to BUCHAREST ft. Aura Vidroiu & Stalamuerte | Red Bull Dance City Guide

Dancer's TRAVEL GUIDE to BUCHAREST ft. Aura Vidroiu & Stalamuerte | Red Bull Dance City Guide

Dancer's TRAVEL GUIDE to BUCHAREST ft. Aura Vidroiu & Stalamuerte | Red Bull Dance City Guide

You’ve never seen Bucharest like this. 😎 Aura Vidroiu & Stalamuerte tour the city to celebrate Red Bull Dance Your Style making its way to Romania! ✈️

The Red Bull Dance City Guide is your chance to experience destinations and tour international sites with our featured cast of dancers as they move & groove through local city spots & attractions. See it all first-hand and adventure with style. 🙌 Undiscovered locations. Hottest areas in town. All without booking an airline plane ticket, checking in at an expensive hotel, or spending your hard-earned budget on a travel agency to fix your flights for you. 😳 Trust us, we got you. 😎 So what CAN you expect on this virtual trip? Activities coming up… music, good vibes & DANCE. 💃🕺 So the next time you vacation, jet off & visit these places around the world, just be ready for the fun. 💪

On this episode, Aura Vidroiu & Stalamuerte collaborate to explore the best spots in Bucharest. Also, look out for special appearances by fellow Red Bull athletes. Professional mountain bike racer Vlad Dascalu & world handball player Cristina Neagu cameos coming through! 💯

Also make sure you’re ready for Red Bull Dance Your Style as the competition returns this year to test the world’s most electrifying dancers. ⚡ Who will come out on top? 🏆 Find out when the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final premieres in Johannesburg, South Africa on December 4, 2021 💯 Save the date!

Aura Vidroiu is among the most famous choreographers, dancers, and dance teachers in Romania. In 2020, she became the first ever Nike Ambassador in the Romanian dance scene. She started dancing at 13 years old, and now she’s working with the biggest names in the Romanian music industry. She won multiple titles with her choreographies, and she’s performed or worked with important TV shows like The Voice of Romania or Romanians Got Talent.

In half a decade, Swiss hip-hop dancer StalaMuerte has stomped his way to the top of the scene with formidable force. His razor-sharp footwork alongside Parisian battle brother Diablo, next-level agility, and creativity have seen him lock down multiple championship titles. Hip hop runs in his blood. He’s a master of multiple styles. And dance is his therapy.

“Dance is my only way of expression. When I dance, it’s the only time I can let my feelings out. It’s my therapy. All of my emotions, I put in my dance.”

“When I stop dancing… like when I’m gone, and I’m not here in the world I would like to leave a legacy. I’d like to leave a mark with my dance and my vision – especially in my country.”

Stalamuerte continues to find new challenges to overcome, one of them being to put Switzerland on the dance map.

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Giving wings to dancers and all the dance fans around the world 🌏
Got a favorite dance style? We got plenty.
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