Crete, Greece- ULTIMATE 5 Day Travel Guide 🇬🇷

Crete, Greece- ULTIMATE 5 Day Travel Guide 🇬🇷

Crete, Greece- ULTIMATE 5 Day Travel Guide 🇬🇷

We’ll take you through our five-days in Crete, Greece in the summer of 2021. Where to go, what to do, and where to eat. Check out this Crete Greek Island itinerary/Travel Guide for some amazing ideas!

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Crete Travel Guide Chapter List:
00:00- Intro
00:19- Day 1: Chania Food Tour with Alma de Creta
Book a food tour:
02:49- Day 1: AirBnb Tour
03:30- Day 1: Sunset Dinner (Salis)
04:16- Day 2: Car Rental
04:33- Day 2: #1 Seitan Limania Beach
05:20- Day 2: #2 Agia Triada Tzagaroli Monastery
06:10- Day 2: #3 Museum of National Resistance 1941-1945
06:57- Day 2: #4 Dounia Taverne
07:45- Day 3: Elafonissi Beach
08:39- Day 3: Knossos Palace
09:31- Day 3: Castello Boutique Resort & Spa REVIEW
Book your stay:
10:41- Day 4: Explore Sissi Beach/Town
11:52- Day 5: Spinalonga Island

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  1. Sharing the Road

    Fantastic video of a fantastic place! I can almost hear Tony the Tiger singing "It's more than good…. it's CREEEETE! "🐅

  2. Mick Angelhere's World

    Hercules was the man who slayed the Bull.
    The Australian 6th Division alongside with the New Zealanders were on Crete when the German Paratroopers when they invaded the island in 1941 .
    Yep it certainly looks like food and beach heaven there in Crete 👍👍👍👍

  3. Florian Schreiber

    Happy for us Citizen that you can go to Greece and Europe as a hole, I’m so sad president Biden don’t allow European going to the us. Hope this will change till October. Greetings from Germany

  4. Reel Happy Travellers

    Your beautiful shots is suitable for the most beautiful video in the world.
    I never see a single video of your which is not adorable !!!!

  5. The hidden beach there looks beautiful! That water looks so blue! That is awesome that goats just chill on the beach.

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