Corpus Christi Texas Travel Guide 2021

Corpus Christi Texas Travel Guide 2021

Corpus Christi Texas Travel Guide 2021

In this Corpus Christi travel guide we start out downtown along the waterfront then head over to Padre Island. We also explore the USS Lexington and the area where the museum is. Corpus Christi is along the gulf coast of Texas also known as the third coast.

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  1. Marcus Hoehmann

    CC is a pretty laid back place. I love going there when the water gets warmer . The jelly fish is no fun . The downtown area could do better in terms of entertainment. There's a lack of ideas from city management. I personally think this city has so much potential to be a tourist magnet .

  2. We just got back from Corpus! Living on the west coast and never ever being able to endure the ocean temperatures here, I was shocked that the water was 80 degrees both days we were there! If anyone is there, we had Fish & Chips, (Mahi Mahi), at an incredible place, Snoopy’s Pier I highly recommend them, spendy but worth every bite! Also, the Shark shop in the video has incredible souvenirs! The only downside of the trip was the huge congestion and the roads really could use a fresh pave 🤣

  3. I live here in Corpus. North Beach is the "Tourist" Beach. And you arent swimming in the Gulf. That is Corpus Christi Bay.
    Later in your video you went to the island. THATS the real Tourist destination.
    Other than the Main attractions you recorded, there is really not much else going on here.

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