Cinematic Iceland by Drone – Travel Guide for Volcanoes, Canyons & Deserts

Cinematic Iceland by Drone - Travel Guide for Volcanoes, Canyons & Deserts

Cinematic Iceland by Drone – Travel Guide for Volcanoes, Canyons & Deserts

00:00 Start 1:06 Cinematic Intro 3:45 Ring Road 4:32 Western Fjords & Dynjandi 5:30 Akureyri & Gudafoss 5:55 Husavik 6:33 Eastern Geothermal & Studlagil Basalt Canyon 8:01 Gufu Waterfall 9:10 Hofn & Black Sand Beach 9:30 Jokulsarlon Glacier Park
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Iceland is an incredible place with amazing landscapes. I go through some of the most amazing places to fly your drone, away from crowds and tourists. I head rou
nd the main Iceland ring road and go far beyond the Golden Circle, with good travel advice on the best places to see and where to find them. Plenty of advice on what to see, where to see it, how to escape the crowds and where to fly your drone.

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  1. Gotta say Ian you're getting the hang of this drone malarky 🙂 Seriously though, if only half of the contributors on Youtube created content of your calibre this site would be effin amazing. Great stuff, keep it up your much appreciated…

  2. Yep I knew I was in for a treat and you delivered. Its such an awe inspiring country. You must have hours of footage. Thanks Ian.

  3. Teresa Micheletti

    Award🥇Winners Always
    Captures Iceland Paradise
    Ian🙌🥇👏Jolly WoW Work
    Excellent Exciting Eventful
    Maps & Charts & Graphs👏
    Labeled Colorful Helpful
    Scenic Scenery Amazing
    Iceland's Historical History
    Wonderful Blessed Views
    Pure Clean Classic Superb
    Special Splendid Fantastic
    Enjoying Life Always🥇Ian
    Grateful Shared Moments
    Stay Healthy Winners WOW
    Be Safe Be Careful Always

  4. Thanks Ian.. Great stuff.. Nice to see you get out to such a great location…Did you use Mini 2 at all?? I would be nervous there with winds.. Cheers.. Enjoying you in a different environment..

  5. Thanks again Ian! It’s really helped me to see places I probably will never get to anytime soon… I’m hoping we can all travel freely soon. All the best from Australia!

  6. Awesome & amazing Ian! Magical & stunning scenery! Thank you for that, take care mate and egészségedre! 👍🍷🌞🌞😎

  7. Great stuff, well done. It’s nice to see the technology just do its thing in the background with the focus staying on the content. Don’t get me wrong, I love drone focussed content (and that’s what your channel is all about I guess), but in this video, it actually leads to something creative. Very inspirational!.

  8. Spectacular footage Ian! This has been one extraordinary adventure for you. That’s great. You certainly captured some amazing images and I’m sure have brought back some great memories. – Bill from the States.

  9. What an amazing place.. your footage is just ridiculous, thanks for the insight and your most palatable pommy delivery. Ripper👍🏼

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