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Chicago Travel Guide – 25 Things to Do and See

Chicago Travel Guide - 25 Things to Do and See

Chicago Travel Guide – 25 Things to Do and See

For our Chicago Travel Guide, we’re going to show you 25 things to do and see. Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States with over 50 million visitors a year and is situated alongside Lake Michigan with the Chicago River running through its heart. If you like architecture, attractions, museums, parks, great food and plenty of outdoor activities, you’ll love Chicago.

0:00 Intro
0:31 Chicago
1:09 Navy Pier
1:53 Centennial Wheel
2:21 Fireworks
2:40 Lake Michigan boat tour
3:29 River Architecture tour
4:26 Deep Dish pizza
4:55 The Magnificent Mile
5:32 Chicago Water Tower
6:00 Billy Goat Tavern
6:46 Chicago Riverwalk
7:48 Skydeck Chicago
8:34 Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs
9:14 Chicago hot dog
9:15 Italian beef sandwich
10:14 Grant Park
11:08 The Bean
11:36 Beer
12:10 Field Museum of Natural History
12:39 Adler Planetarium
13:05 Lincoln Park
13:38 Lakefront Trail
14:19 Cheese curds
14:42 The L Train
15:22 Lakeshore Drive
15:45 Sunrise/sunset

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Special thanks to our good friend Dr. Sean Curry of Evanston Family Chiropractic for his invaluable expertise and for always showing us around.

Photo Attribution:
Gary Todd – Main Hall, Field Museum –
vagueonthehow – Dinosaurs @ the Field Museum – and
Mike Steele – Adler Planetarium – and
Nicolas Henderson – The Wiener’s Circle, Chicago, Illinois –
Ron Cogswell – Lincoln Park Zoo Entrance Sign — Chicago (IL) September 2014 –
Paul J Everett – Lincoln Park Zoo 3/21/09 –
Marco Verch – Luftbild zeigt das Crystal Garden Glasgebäude am Navy Pier, mit Blick auf Near North Side in Chicago –
felice – crystal gardens –
Jaysin Trevino – Navy pier from above –
Tony Hisgett – Buckingham Fountain Night 5 –
Stephen Kelly – Buckingham Fountain, Grant Park –
Michael Mayer – 2011 Navy Pier Summer Fireworks 1/2 –
Mobilus in Mobili – Chicago Water Tower –
Duane Weller – Gene’s and Jude’s –

All photos above licensed under –

Video Attribution:
Michel Curi – Navy Pier Saturday Spectacular Fireworks – and
Michel Curi – Navy Pier Fireworks Spectacular –
All videos above licensed under – and were compiled into one clip


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  1. 15 down. 10 to go. Also check out the Museum of Science & Industry and the DuSable Museum. Wow. The view from the 94th floor of the Hancock is even better than the Sears, because you can get more of the skyline in one view. Just insane. Malnati’s totally wins deep dish, too. And +1 on cheese curds!

  2. Chicago is such a fun city, and sadly I haven’t been back in years! Thanks for sharing so many awesome tips! I use to live in Southern Illinois and have only been there a few times.

  3. Travel with Suri

    Sorry Guys.. I couldn’t join for the premier as I was down with body ache as I took my second dose of vaccine yesterday. Anyways, it’s really helpful to organize my trip to Chicago this October. I was in Chicago couple of years back and I couldn’t see much at that time! Amazing list of things to do! It’s most diversified city. It has things to do for everyone! Nice video! 😊👍👍👍

  4. Celtic Paths 4k 2

    I would love to travel to Chicago one day, it has always seemed like a fascinating city to me. That preserves a historical past but very contemporary at the same time. With your video you have made me even more want to go there 😍👍

  5. What a marvelous job on this video. Best I've seen of Chicago ever. Chicago owes you a debt of gratitude. I'm from Wisconsin and appreciate the mention about cheese as well. Love your work.

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