Chicago Travel Guide 2021 Part 1: Best Chicago River Tours + Chicago’s Deep Dish (Pizza )Tour

Chicago Travel Guide 2021 Part 1: Best Chicago River Tours + Chicago’s Deep Dish (Pizza )Tour

Chicago Travel Guide 2021 Part 1: Best Chicago River Tours + Chicago’s Deep Dish (Pizza )Tour

Looking for Chicago’s Best? Well stop and don’t look further than my Chicago Travel Guide Part 1 featuring the best Chicago River Cruises, the best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, and checking out some wellness activities while sightseeing around Chicago, Illinois. #chicago #chicagotravelguide #illinois

1:17 360 CHICAGO OBSERVATION DECK, Sky Yoga, The Tilt
4:11 Chicago Fireboat River Cruise Tour
6:27 Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Tour
9:30 Chicago Architecture Foundation Center River Cruise on Chicago’s First Lady
10:03 Where to Stay in Chicago?
14:01 Lakefront Trail Bike Ride Chicago
14:15 Urban Kayaks Chicago
15:03 Chicago Outro

Follow along as I try out three different Chicago River Cruises, including: Chicago’s Fireboat Historical and Architectural Tour
Chicago Architecture Foundation Center River Cruise aboard the First Lady Urban Kayak

Check out these boat tours and more at Get Your Guide HERE:

Which one do you think my favorite is?

Looking for the best pizzeria in Chicago? Check out the Finger Licking Foodie Tour for the best deep dish pizza tour in Chicago. This self guided tour will take you to:
Gino’s East
Pizzeria Uno
Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria
Want to check out all the food tours in Chicago, Check out awesome tours at Get Your Guide.

What is your favorite Chicago Deep Dish Pizzeria?

After all that pizza it is important to stay active, so why not check out Sky Yoga at 360 Chicago Observation Deck.Want to get your adrenaline pumping? Try out Tilt Chicago and hang over 1000 feet above the Chicago streets. Check out CityPASS to go to visit 360 Chicago as well as other Chicago Attractions that are in Part 1 and Part 2

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  1. What a fun packed tour of Chicago and the pizza tour! The Tilt was scary looking, but Alexis comments were so funny. The Fireboat, architecture and kayak tours looked awesome too. You sure needed the pizza 🍕 for energy.
    Keep up great video!!!

  2. Nice Video, never been to the states before and this has actully made me consider Chicago if i ever to. Urban Kayak looks hella fun.

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