Cabo Travel Guide Part 2 | Cabo Day Trips | La Paz | Todos Santos

Cabo Travel Guide Part 2 | Cabo Day Trips | La Paz | Todos Santos

Cabo Travel Guide Part 2 | Cabo Day Trips | La Paz | Todos Santos

Part 1 was about all things Cabo. This video is about Cabo & beyond; from the beautiful town of Todos Santos to the fishing town of La Paz! Tune in to both episodes to find the best things to do, and the best vendors to do them with!

Watch Part 1 here: Luxury & Budget Cabo Travel Guide | Part 1 Best Things to Do in Cabo

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Founder/Host: Jubril Agoro

Co-host: Jessica Franklin

Filmmaker/editor: Youri Felix

Producer/Travel Planner: Taliya Maya

Music Composer: Isaiah Mcneill


— Breakdown —

0:00 Intro
01:07 Beach Activities Jet Ski, Boats, Playa Medano
02:34 Todos Santos Vibes
03:40 The Green Room Restaurant
04:30 Camels, Mezcal, Cabo Adventure
05:29 Best Jazz Club in Cabo
06:18 La Paz Getaway, Balandra Bay
07:15 Connect with other Digital Nomads
08:00 Meet Jessica aka heygorjess
09:39 Why visit Cabo now
10:10 Team Shoutout & Outro
11:44 Bloopers


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“Cabo Travel Guide Part 2 | Cabo Day Trips | La Paz | Todos Santos” hakkında 24 yorum

  1. My goodness the women in this video( black women) are lovely, and their skin is so on point(min 10.42-10.45) she's serving pancakes 🌹😊

  2. Most definitely taking a trip to Cabo and I’m doing it passport heavy style. And that last scene is hilarious 🤣🤣

  3. itslaurajimenez

    Literally sitting in my dope Airbnb spot in Todos Santos as I watch this! Check out Cabanas Las Tunas. It's so tranquil and beautiful. We're definitely going to hit up The Green Room! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. alway dope but he got locked out tho lol hey the visuals and soundtrack are banging that spotify or hey put it out yourselves just saying

  5. Jubril, you got me wanting to travel now! The sites, food, activities, etc are just wonderful. Jessica and all the beautiful ladies add a special touch as well. Thanks for sharing all of your adventures. I've subscribed!

  6. I really Appreciate!! you and your crew because you allowed me to travel throughout this pandemic,, even though it was virtual you took me out of a dark space into the light! Passportheavy you're the best. Oh and shout out to your brother doing his traveling thing..

  7. Damn this dude is the shit man. I gotta improve my life. I love seeing brothers shine like this, its so inspiring.

  8. La Paz! Wow, haven't been there in about 4 years. Loved Costa Baja Resort. We sailed up Sea of Cortez for 7 days starting from their marina. Hit some great beaches and arid scenery. It's like someone flooded Grand Canyon with an ocean. I loved downtown La Paz as it's more Mexican residents vacationing there than foreigners. Learn Spanish, very few menus & restaurants used English. Special shout out to Lupe Sierra's and Maggie Mae's! On our journey, it was the only restaurant we came upon one day on the coast of a small fishing village. Father & daughter run. We had a spectacular time dancing salsa, drinking margaritas and eating just caught fish there that afternoon. Sea of Cortez is a very different sailing adventure from other ones we've done.

  9. KALEB plays yt 456

    Need Help Passport Heavy. Planning a large family trip to Paris, do you have a travel agent or agency you recommend for the area? I would like to secure a location to house 15 to 20 people at once. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Love your videos!!!!

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