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Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Buenos Aires – an enchanting blend of European architecture and Latin passion. Check out footage of the best attractions in the city in our travel guide!

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Named for good sailing winds, #BuenosAires is the capital of Argentina, and home to nearly a quarter of the country’s two million residents. Come for the stunning European architecture, and stay for delicious cuts of meat, the city’s zest for soccer, and, of course, the tango.

A #vacation in Buenos Aires should include a stop at La Boca Harbor, where you’ll find numerous street vendors, restaurants, and street dancers willing to give you a spin.

#Visit Plaza de Mayo. There you can take in the rosy architecture of the Casa Rosada, which was made famous by Argentine First Lady Eva Peron and the musical about her life, “Evita.”

Cap off your Buenos Aires #sightseeing with an evening walk through Puerto Madero, where you can get a late dinner and dance until the next day arrives.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Beautifull,Beautifull presentation,of beautifull Buenos Aires,the pearl of South America,.the birth place of famous Diego Maradona,.world best player,.


    Es la mejor ciudad de Latinoamerica, mezcla arquitectura europea con la pasión de Latinoamerica, es decadente en muchos aspectos, pero bohemia y moderna como pocas, y se respira arte por todos lados, y los piryeñis están orgullosos de su ciudad y la comparten, imperdibles el Café Tortoni, la pizzeria Güerrín, el Ateneo, Galeras Pacífico en peatonal Florida, Teatro Astor Piazzola, demasiados iconos por descubrir rn una ciudad te llevaría meses saludos de Lima Perú

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