Blue Mountain Travel Guide (2021) || Cinematic Drone Shots

Blue Mountain Travel Guide (2021) || Cinematic Drone Shots

Blue Mountain Travel Guide (2021) || Cinematic Drone Shots

For those who are visiting for the first time : the slopes and the village of the Blue Mountain have a host of recreational activities for all seasons. The Blue Mountain village teems with life with boutiques, coffee shops and live music. Due to COVID 19 all the establishments were running at a limited capacity …

The ‘Explore All Day’ pass allows visitors access to the all the trails and unlimited Gondola ride , meaning you can take the gondola ride multiple times that day.. this will run you 32CAD per adult and 22CAD for a child 5yrs and above… the other option is the ‘Play All Day’ which additionally provides you with the rides … but it’s more money …

Now there are two free parking lots , one at the bottom at the level of the village , this gives free walking access to the village itself … the other on top of the hill, closer to the gondola‘s hill top terminal , won’t get you access to the trail or the village without buying a pass … we chose the top parking..Tickets can be purchased right next to the top parking lot.. a short walk and we reached the gondola.

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  1. Time4Travel U&I

    You captured the beauty of the location very well. Loved the narration. Useful for new comers.great work. Keep going. 👏

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