Banff Travel Guide: The Best Things To Do This Summer

Banff Travel Guide: The Best Things To Do This Summer

Banff Travel Guide: The Best Things To Do This Summer

Looking for things to do in Banff, Alberta this summer? From canoeing to gondola rides, here’s our guide to all the summer activities and restaurants you’ll want to add to your itinerary.
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0:00 – Welcome to Banff
0:26 – Check in to Mount Royal Hotel
0:58 – The Uprising Bake Shop + Espresso Bar
1:37 – Open Top Touring
2:29 – Shoku Izakaya
2:55 – Lake Minnewanka
3:41 – Banff Canoe Club
4:48 – Biking along Vermilion Lakes & Bow Valley Parkway
5:16 – Farm + Fire
5:34 – Banff Gondola at Sulphur Mountain
6:09 – The Radiant

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  1. I only know about this town because a ghost story podcast I listen to did an episode on the Banff Springs Hotel. Sounds like a cool place!

  2. No one wants your covid stampede and ucp government ideas go home and screw off this has all been done by a 1000 people before you pick something new

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