Austin Texas Travel Guide 2021

Austin Texas Travel Guide 2021

Austin Texas Travel Guide 2021

This is a travel guide from Austin Texas in Summer 2021. If you plan on visiting Austin Texas you will likely want to watch this tour of one of Americas top cities as voted by several publications. Austin is known as a college town as well as a start up and tech city. In this travel guide we check out Barton Springs, Rainey Street, 6th Street and Congress Ave.

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“Austin Texas Travel Guide 2021” hakkında 25 yorum

  1. I've been watching your videos long time and your lady friend should of never let you put that hat on your head! Sorry you to manly! Again great video Jeff!

  2. I know this is a travel channel but can I make one special request? I’d like to see one good video of the top 5 cities you would live in the US if you were to leave Phoenix. It can be either a live video or one that you pre uploaded. You can feel free to post it wherever you like. (here or your AZ channel) I just wanna know your thoughts since you’ve been everywhere lol

  3. 6th street was the best in my early 20s. Couldn’t catch me over there now.

    It’s also very humid this summer bc of all the rain. It’s usually not that humid but very hot.

  4. Overrated city. Needs 30 more years. And Austin is not the 11th largest metro. Not even close to 9 million people buddy. That’s the size of metro Chicago. Austin is another college city like Columbus and Raleigh.

  5. Since you are in Texas, shouldn't you be wearing a cowboy hat? Austin's metro is 2.3 million, the whole state is just under 30 million. Austin's climate is semi-arid and its the live music capital. Lately it has been a tech and relocation boomtown. In my opinion its getting too big. Are you going to introduce your travel friend?

  6. Great job showing the beautiful things to see in the city! Austin is one of the prettiest cities out there in my opinion and I've made numerous videos on the city myself.

  7. There was a mass shooting on 6th street not too long ago. Also beware of all the crazy homeless who will harass you.

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