10 Things to do in Wrocław, Poland Travel Guide

10 Things to do in Wrocław, Poland Travel Guide

10 Things to do in Wrocław, Poland Travel Guide

Join us as we visit Wrocław, Poland in this travel guide highlighting some of the best things to do in the city. Our surprise one month trip around Poland (we originally intended on only a week or so) allowed us to travel slowly and visit destinations we wouldn’t have visited otherwise. One of those spots, Wrocław, ended up being one of our favorite spots along the way. With a cool University Quarter, Old Town Square, Cathedral Island and laidback atmosphere it didn’t take us long to feel at home. Come find out 10 things you can do in Wrocław below:

20 Things to do in Wroclaw City Tour | Poland Travel Guide:

Intro – 00:00
Eating a Toasty Sandwich – 00:21
1) University Quarter of the Old Town (Uniwersytet Wrocławski / Universität Breslau) – 02:33
2) Chapel (Parish of the Most Holy Name of Jesus – Kościół – Uniwersytecki p.w. Najświętszego Imienia Jezus) – 03:28
3) Ossolineum (Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich) – 03:42
4) Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski – Dominsel) – 04:05
5) Milk Bar (Bar mleczny) – 05:43
6) Mathematical Tower Of Wroclaw University for views of the city – 07:41
7) Metal Arch Sculpture – 09:11
8) Boat Cruise along the River Oder (Odra) – 09:22
9) Wrocław Market Hall (Hala Targowa we Wrocławiu – Breslauer Markthalle) – 10:09
10) Market Town Square, Wrocław (Rynek we Wrocławiu – Großer Ring zu Breslau) – 10:44
Outro – 11:09

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Wrocław alternate spellings (German: Breslau – Czech: Vratislav)

Our visit Wrocław travel guide documentary covers some of the top attractions including a food guide, top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day including visiting castles, churches and museums. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you won’t find in a typical Wrocław tourism brochure, Wroclaw itinerary or Wrocław, Poland city tour.

10 Things to do in Wrocław, Poland Travel Guide

In today’s video we’re taking you around Wroclaw. This was the second stop of our month-long trip through Poland, and we liked it right from Day 1. Our visit to the city was spent wandering through the University Quarter, cruising down the Oder River, stumbling into a secret courtyard, and enjoying a tasty meal or two along the way. The following is our travel guide to some of the best things to do in Wroclaw, Poland:

The University Quarter is located in the north end of the Old Town and it’s worth visiting even if your days as a student are over. Here you’ll find the University of Wroclaw, which is one of the oldest academic institutions in Central Europe. The architecture is also stunning! I mean, could you imagine being a student here?

Since we couldn’t visit the interior of the university, we stopped by the university church, also known as the Parish of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Admission is free of charge, though donations are welcome, and once you’re in, don’t forget to look up!

Continuing our random wanderings through Wroclaw, we reached the Ossolineum, which quickly piqued our curiosity. Once a hospital and convent, and later a college, today it houses one of the largest scientific libraries in Poland as well as the national archive. We visited the courtyard surrounded by mirrored windows and hydrangeas, and if felt like a secret garden.

Cathedral island is the oldest part of Wroclaw. It was formerly an island that sat between two branches of the Oder River, and while that’s no longer the case, it still has a cathedral.

With much better weather, we then followed the previous day’s path back to Cathedral Island. Along the way, we visited the Silver Arch, which is a pretty cool sculpture on one of the smaller islands, and then it was time for a river cruise.

Our next stop was Hala Targowa, or Market Hall. It’s a nice spot to hit up to get your daily supply of fresh fruits, deli meats, cheese and pastries, for a delicious yet affordable do-it-yourself meal.

And that’s a wrap for our visit to Wroclaw! As always, if you have any places to add to this list or any tips for fellow travellers share those below. Until next time and happy travels!

This is part of our Travel in Poland video series showcasing Polish food, Polish culture and Polish cuisine.

Music by Dyalla Swain:


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  1. My favorite travellers/couple!! As always great video! Im going to Krakow in September and made sure I checked out your tips. Thanks guys.
    Cheers from Brazil

  2. Man, this is so helpful and very well done. You two are great. My wife and I are off to Poland next month, and this has been a Godsend – particularly with the place I was calling Rocklow.

  3. Poland is so beautiful. I've lived in the Netherlands for 11 years and I wish I visited this place sooner and more often.

  4. I'll stay İn Wroclaw for 1 or maaybe 2 days so not much time. Any recommendation for must visit places or go to restaurants? Cheers.

  5. Arie's Kraków and Poland Experience

    Świetne wideo. Mam kanał, który warto odwiedzić o nazwie „Arie's Kraków and Poland Experience”. Spójrz i ciesz się

    Great video. I have a channel worth visiting called "Arie's Kraków and Poland Experience" . Take a look and enjoy

  6. Arie's Kraków and Poland Experience

    Świetne wideo. Mam kanał, który warto odwiedzić o nazwie „Arie's Kraków and Poland Experience”. Spójrz i ciesz się

    Great video. I have a channel worth visiting called "Arie's Kraków and Poland Experience" . Take a look and enjoy

  7. Mariano Carlos

    very interesting information but you forgot to mention and describe one of the most important issues for travellers: costs. Lovely to see and describe the sandwiches but why didn't you mention how much they costs? And so about the rest of your activities: how much costs the bus/tram etc? big minus therefore.

  8. Sam and Audrey – we finally getting to Wroclaw – what was the name of that Sandwich Place you went to first?

  9. Wroclaw Guide

    Nice video! If you are looking for more recommendations from real Wroclaw locals, check our city blog at http://www.wroclawguide.com – we will show you the places where we go all the time, some of them are very hidden and can’t be found in any travel guide 🙂

  10. Frugal Travellers

    Great video as always! 👍👍. We've just arrived in Wroclaw and we'd love to know the names of the milk bar and sandwich place. 😁. Cheers!

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