🇰🇷 10 Best Korean Foods | South Korea Travel Guide

🇰🇷 10 Best Korean Foods | South Korea Travel Guide

🇰🇷 10 Best Korean Foods | South Korea Travel Guide

South Korea is known for its worldwide domination of the entertainment scene and its billion-dollar beauty industry. Those who are not that familiar with the country may not know that apart from these two, Korean food is also what makes this country a great travel destination. Koreans are mindful of their food. Most meals you eat in this country are a variety of healthy flavors. Their cuisine also tells rich stories of the past and connection with neighboring countries. South Korean traditional dishes and even street food share hundreds of years of history and a mix of foreign influence. To tick off boxes from your foodie list, here’s a look at the top ten foods you must try in South Korea.

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0:00 – Intro
0:41 Bibimbap
1:39 Kimchi
3:01 Bulgogi
3:52 Jeon
4:35 Doenjang Jiggae
5:28 Soondae
6:07 Samgyeopsal
6:59 Budae Jiggae
7:55 Chuncheon Dalkgalbi
8:54 Korean Fried Chicken

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