🇨🇭 10 Swiss Foods You Need to Try | Switzerland Travel Guide

🇨🇭 10 Swiss Foods You Need to Try | Switzerland Travel Guide

🇨🇭 10 Swiss Foods You Need to Try | Switzerland Travel Guide

Switzerland’s unique climate and multitude of travel destinations provide a perfect opportunity for an indulgent feast. When visiting this majestic country, you will be using a lot of your energy because you will walk, hike, and swim. When you are having a Swiss food adventure, you are basically tasting flavors of German, Italian, and French origin. It’s a whole European feast in one country so be prepared. More than tasting the flavors of Switzerland, you can also explore how their food is made, especially cheese and the hundreds of cheese factories you can check out. There is no denying that food is a great way to explore a country’s story. If you take one of those guided tours in cheese factories, you will learn that they make cheese because of the milk surplus they get from the many cattle they have. In order not to waste any milk, a smart solution is to turn them into cheese which lasts them for months. You will encounter more surprising facts like this as you explore Switzerland. An extraordinary food adventure definitely awaits you in the Swiss Alps. Here is a look at the top ten foods to try while visiting in Switzerland.

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0:00 – Intro
1:12 – Swiss Alpine Macaroni
2:02 Rosti
2:58 Kaseschnitte
3:29 Swiss Chocolate
4:24 Swiss Chocolate
5:26 Cordon Bleu
6:11 Nusstorte
7:07 Tartifilette
7:45 Raclette
8:23 Cheese Fondue

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  1. "When you're having a Swiss food adventure, you're basically tasting flavors of German, Italian and French origin." Not really… That's why it's called swiss food….

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